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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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good for a short time use, say 1 yr


The computer can be used for students or for a spare PC at home. I will not recommend it for professional. The 14.1 " screen as opposed to the 17" monitor makes it lighter. The BrightView compensates for the small screen size. The webcam is clear and the microphone works fine. As the OS is MS Vista even with the 4GB RAM the speed is not too great. Also my disc drive stopped working after a while.I feel handicapped in that regard. I like the ivory white color which makes my laptop stands out as unique. The touch sound button is slow to respond and sometimes hangs the application.I like the fact that my laptop has several USB port that enables me to connect multiple port at a single time and makes files transfer less cumbersome. I haven't used the Bluetooth feature, but I guess that will be as a good feature if used appropriately.The laptop also comes with a port to use the digital card for camera, so it helps image transfer faster. The extra battery, it being a special edition (SE) gives the elevation, which replaces the  keyboard props in computer keyboard.The elevation,enhance my typing experience and enables me to type longer without my hands getting tired. I think if the Fan and heating problem can be solved it will a good laptop to use at home and student, or even for professional which does not need lot of computation speed.    


Columbus, OH


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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