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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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This is a solid computer.


I bought this  computer in 2010 and I believe it was built about 3-5 years ago, but it is a work horse.  It can seem bulky, but I'm from the generation that thinks that bigger and heavier is better.  The only problem that I have with the computer is that when typing my right thumb palm hits the mouse pad and drops the cursor in odd places.  I put some gaffers tape on the corner and now there is no problem.  It's not pretty but it works. It features buttons for quick access to the camera, internet, music and wireless.  I haven't used them yet since I bought the computer used.  But I sure that they are good for the novice of first time computer user.  I prefer going directly to my program myself. I love that the computer has lots of slots including s-video, 3 usb, and digital media slots.  Basicallly you can connect to whatever you need when ever you need to. You will enjoy looking at the wide screen, but the battery life is less than optimal.  She also can over heat if you are not careful.

Los Angeles, CA


Goodmachine bad battery


This machine is a good all around laptop, providing exceptional grafix and a great deal of storage. It has a large screen which is good for those of us with not so good eyesight. I truly enjoy the Os that it uses. the wireless capabilities are wonderfull. The security it comes equipt with i was truly impressed with. I love thegrafix capabilities. it will play all the games that the newer more expensive models will. It is great for work and play with its standard 55 gig hard drive. It comes equiptwithdvd/cd burner which i have found to be alota fun. It has truly amazing sound quality even at max volume there is no crackle in the speakers i have never been more impressed with any one piece of machinery. It does however have one drawback. Its battery life leaves something to be desired. When it was bran new even on a full charge it only lasted about an hour without needing to be charged. new afer only a short time of owning the system the batery is compleetly gone and will not hold a charge at all but if that problem could be fixed i would rate it as one of the finest laptops on todays market

Rockwall, TX


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

3.0 2