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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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Powerful machine. A few Achilles' heels.


When my engineering friend came over to help me recover my computer's data, he told me that this was an incredibly powerful machine. Great RAM, great memory, great processing, solid video card. However, this machine clearly has some problems, which I'll consider to be its Achilles' heels. For one, the harddrive doesn't seem particularly durable. I've had to replace them three or four times. Ugh. And of course, the fact that this computer came with Windows Vista instead of Windows Seven means it works overtime unnecessarily. Second, the fan isn't very powerful. It frequently has to work overtime in order to keep up with what I'm doing. That probably contributes to hard drive problems. Third, taking apart this computer is difficult and annoying, and impossible without powertools. I still haven't been able to take it apart to clean my fan, which of course, is one of the weaknesses of this computer. I'm sure if HP put a little more thought into this computer's design (as with Microsoft and Vista), this would have been a major competitor in laptop terms. Instead, it is not.

San Jose, CA


Too Many Failures


I have been an avid HP Fan, but after many problems with them, I will not buy another one.  The laptop has lost a harddrive, the drivers for the sound card have quit working, and it no longer recognizes the F Drive.  I have found work arounds for many of the problems, but just googling it, you will see that many others are experiencing the same problems.  Microsoft and HP seem to pass the buck back and forth as to who has the ulitmate responsbility, but the bottom line is, I bought another HP that does not work correctly.  Keep in mind, that this is either our 3rd or 4th HP laptop - the first one the plugin for the adapter that is attached to the motherboard broke within the first month, the second one the screen hinges wore out and it eventually broke off, the third one the disc drive physically came out of the computer, and this last one has lost the hardrive, has drivers that won't update correctly, has no sound and has no CD/DVD drive, and it has recently been getting the Black Screen of Death.  Don't make the same mistakes I did - do not buy!

Monroe, GA


good for college


Alright... I got this computer because I liked the idea of 4 Gigs of RAM and a keyboard on the side because I am a gamer. I was upset with the face that Vista had to come the time I had no other choice and the ULTIMATE downside is that it is 64bit. OKAY so about the computer itself, widescreen...yes!! I love it, great for movies and games. And also having up multiple windows and documents.  Initially the drivers for the burner that comes with the laptop didn't work... the ho suppost fixed them and they failed again, so no more burning disks which is undesirable seeing as how the only way to restore the computer (reformat if you will) is to burn a disk for the OS before that happens. Hmm..the shortcut buttons that line the top work sometimes and don't others..which hp never bothered to fix for me...the volume always freezes up the screen when i turn it up or down. The speakers are average sound bass really. Three buttons on the side number pad have fallen off. The computer runs hot too... the fan is always on overkill and you need to have it propped up to ventilate it withthe fan (which is on the bottom) uncovered. It's kinda heavy too... But it's been doin me good for over two years now and I've grown fond of it.

Island Lake, IL


This laptop with windows vista leaves something to be desired.


I don't need a high tech laptop, but do appreciate quality graphics and speed.  This laptop has had an issue with graphics as most of what i see on the screen is grainy and unclear.  I have a terrible problem doing any photo shop applications because the photo is too grainy to be able to really know how it would look when it is printed. The speed is so-so as video streaming doesn't come through, often breaking up.  Windows vista is a problem too as it often shuts down on me in the middle of what i am doing and i have to sign in again.  I can deal with it since i am mostly on email or browsing the internet, but the problems with the computer are still annoying at times.  I have had this unit for a couple years now (and am WAY outdated i am sure!  :D ) and had to have it serviced once as the vista program failed.  I have decided that I would not recommend this unit to anyone!  It has been functional and "fine" for someone like me who isn't using it for work or any serious stuff but has been disappointing as far as quality.

Buffalo, MN


This is one of the best laptop I ever used, it have it all.


*"What a laptop for an Information technology online student, after all this is my study partner"* I bought this computer the last year when my Toshiba satellite get damaged very soon, ups sorry I am not supposed to said that. Well I buy this computer because as an online student I need a computer that hold a lot of use without being damaged early. This computer gives me great results. Now I do not need a desktop because I am using this one as the family PC and holds a lot of information without getting slower. I have created a lot of applications in Visual Basic and I have stored one year of projects on it and still working the same. HP is now my number one brand in Computers.  I am able to use it as a TV streamer too. When I am at home with the family and we want to see a movie we rent it over the internet and the graphics of the movie looks great on the screen. The computer has a great touch pad where it has accessible buttons for volume video controls and more. We do not need necessarily to use it because the computer came with a remote control that has an average range of more than (10') feet. It came with a great design as you can see in the picture that stands the computer from any other design. I would recommend it to anyone. As I said at the beginning this is a great computer.

Trujillo Alto, PR


hp dv9700 is a true desktop built right into a laptop!


I chose this computer simply because it had the number pad on the side. It was the single most important feature for me when choosing my laptop.  Everything else was topping on the pie.  I am not impressed with the built in webcam. In my opinion it doesn't take good photos. However it does come with some fun graphics u can use over your video or pictures you take using the webcam.  Also I think this and every laptop is deserving of a backlit keyboard! Overall I love this computer even tho it did come with Windows Vista and I prefer XP. I had trouble watching some DVDS using this laptop. I would be watching along all fine and good, and then just somewhere randonmly, it would just freeze. I do not know if that is just my laptop of some sort of flaw with them. I owned 3 acers before this HP and I have no idea why I stayed with acer, (acer has better webcams though)  

Springfield, MO




I love the HP Pavillion HDX series. My Laptop is 16 in diagonally across. It has the built in thumbprint, the webcam, and the Windows Vista Premium 64 bit operating system. It does everything that you would want a pc to do! It's totally awesome. I love the fact that it's very secure, easy to operate, has a blue ray player and dvd combo drive and I can watch TV right from my pc. I can also hook up the pc to my tv to watch BlueRay movies which are awesome w/out having to purchase a blue ray player. It also has a built in TV tuner which I can watch TV right on my pc no matter where I am at. Is there anything that this pc won't do?????? well it's not a touch screen but other then that there are no flaws. It runs fast, has great graphics and I can hook my Apple Iphone right to it and play my music on my Itunes. There's sooo much to this pc that it's literally taken me weeks to figure it all out but HP has terrific customer service that goes along w/ purchasing an HP pc. In a nut shell well worth the price.

Middleburg, FL


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

3.7 7