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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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Not Impressed with Durability and Functionality


It was a decent computer when I first bought it, but it became an absolute nightmare in the end. The thing practically fell to pieces on me and we barely used it. The battery is what ticked me off the most. It lasted for about two months after purchase and then absolutely died on me. Replacement batteries cost nearly as much as the laptops themselves! If that's not enough, the power supply on the power cord stopped working four months and had to be replaced, again not cheaply either. The case came all to pieces. All the plastic bowed up, the edging all came loose, all the compartment doors and trimwork popped off and the hinges just magically broke up into pieces Now the thing is worthless as a laptop computer and I haven't had it but about two years. The case has all but fallen to pieces, leaving half of the components exposed, and the hinges will no longer support the weight of the screen. The internal structure isn't much better. Sometimes the hard drive just does whatever it wants to do, sometimes nothing at all. I'm surprised at HP and ashamed of them in the same breath. This is a very poor product to invest money in. Ease of Use There was a lot of third party software to uninstall, which is about the norm now, but when the very expensive battery failed after two months use we were left having to use the power supply cable to keep it up and running. It had to stay plugged in at all times instead of for just a little while to charge. This pretty much ended the convenience of owning a laptop computer. Battery Life What battery life? You are going to have to replace the battery about every two months or so and they cost as much as the laptop does. Support & Service Does HP have a support group? I wasn't aware of that, since you can never get in touch with anyone! I tried to get in touch with them about the battery and the power cord. Help and support on the system didn't work and I never could get the right department to help me. I finally hung up in their faces and took care of the problems as best I could by myself. Speed/Performance It wasn't too bad in the beginning, which is why I gave this an eight. Now however, you can hardly get it to run, boot up or run programs. It also gets extremely hot if you do too much on it at one time. I wouldn't recommend this as a media computer, although HP does. Design I actually liked the design, visually at least. Its was jet black with all these silver circles on it.. Physically though its a piece of garbage. It can't take normal everyday use, more-less hardcore business use. Durability Don't use it and it should be ok. Put any slight amount of moderate use into it and it will fall apart on you.




I like my Half-Pint(HP)


Hp dv6000 laptop works for what I use it for. At home Mom who surfs all day with an occasional need for burning dvd's and cd's. Great Pc yeah. Fantastic, no. Overall a great laptop for everday computing. Update 2013: This pc turned out to be a waste of money..After about a year and a half it started having overheating issues that HP was well aware of and instead of pulling them off the shelves and remedying the situation they continued to sell them to consumers.. There was even a class action lawsuit against HP and Nvidia for the gpu overheating issues.. I repaired my pc myself 5 or 6 times before the reseating of the gpu wouldn't take anymore.. I've changed my overall rating from 5 to 2..Even tho my pc crapped out on me it was a workhorse that done well the 1st year n a half Ease of Use Very easy to use..I loved it til it died on me Battery Life Hardly used the battery so really don't know how well it would have done Support & Service Failed to contact all purchasers that the warranty was being extended because gpu overheating problems. By the time I had it found out what was going on it was too late for me to get any help from HP to get my pc fixed (HP were having to swap the mobo's out to fix the problem permanently which I missed out on) or get in on the class action suit Speed/Performance Great.. Design Externally, the design was awesome.. Internally, not so awesome Durability Would have lasted a long time if it wasn't for the gpu and my having to take it apart so many times to reseat the gpu...cable ribbons started fraying from having to disconnect and reconnect so many times to access the gpu..


Gray, LA


Hp Pavilion Laptop dv6409, now in recall...


I love having a laptop and purchased this way back in 2007. It worked awesome for me until summer of 2010 I started experiencing some problems and not being super tech savvy relied on my brother to tell me if there was something I could do. Apparently, after checking my scans, and looking online, he told me I might be able to complain to HP, but it wasn't something that I could really fix. The graphics card and motherboard are combined, and I was happy to hear that I wasn't the only one having problems. As of January, they have issued a recall. I have upgraded my memory, Office software, and battery. I am not happy that I'll have to strip my computer, but I am happy that I will receive a replacement that is slightly faster, has more memory capability, and well, it's newer. Most electronic/computers don't have a long shelf life as improvements come so fast. So, I am happy that they've addressed an older model and have made efforts to correct the problem. Nvidia is the graphics company that has set this in motion. I surely hope that anyone with this model is able to take part in the recall, and it doesn't only affect my model. Surely, I will also be able to review some external drives as the pain of it all is that I will go a couple months without my laptop but hope it is well worth it in the end! Ease of Use I miss it after sending it in, but I couldn't trust it to stay on, restart... and the replacement is faster, but not all together better. Recall was a pain, took over 3 months. Battery Life I had purchased the higher ion, but again, usual decrease in memory life on battery. Support & Service I got a new in box replacement, didn't I? Speed/Performance purchased in 07, recalled in 11, so for a 4 year old computer to have a recall and replacement with a newer model, undoubtedly, the newer was faster! Design Miss some features Durability obviously, there was a recall


Stevens Point, WI


dv6000 Capable Performer


We purchased the HP dv6000 with only marginal research when our Dell up and died. While I don't usually make large purchases without doing my homework, we lucked out with the dv6000. It has been a capable performer and has surprised us with some thoughtful features. While some of these features are now commonplace, they were new on this model. The built-in SD card reader is probably the most used of all features. It is as easy as a thumb drive. Being able to turn the finger pad off when using a separate mouse is great. Plus it is turned on and off with a physical switch - imagine that. Having the Quickplay buttons above the keypad is both good and bad. They make playing DVDs, adjusting volume quick and easy. But they are also easy to accidentally hit which can be annoying. Another negative is how hot the lower left of the unit can get when being used hard. It is almost too hot to touch. The unit is getting old, but has been working admirably to date.


Lancaster, PA


My hp computer does a decent job.


My hp pavilion dv6000 computer does a decent job. I use it for internet and email applications constantly. The only real complaint I have, is that when it is not connected to the electrical outlet, the picture loses too much vibrancy. When it is not using battery power, and is connected to the wall, the picture is much brighter. The only other issue I have, is that the keyboard keys are seeming to come loose with age and use. I have had this computer for about two years now. All in all, when it is time to buy a new computer, I would not hesitate to buy another similar hp. The graphics and speed and accuracy of the system is more than adequate.


Bellflower, CA


bad design, power issues that won't go away


This system was recalled by HP for power issues. Prior to turning the system over for a revamp, it wouldn't stay on for more then a couple hours. No particular trigger shut the system down and no amount to trouble shooting software could assist in determining the problem (i.e. not heat or os). After the awsome HP techs "fixed" the system, it still had the same issue. Don't by this system...I refuse to purchase HP systems now, so, if you it cautiously.


Frederick, MD


This is a great laptop with dual AMD Turion processors.


This has been a great laptop until recently when the wireless card went bad.  Thank goodness I had a replacement wireless USB adapter, otherwise I would have been without the internet and who could go a more than a day without the internet anymore?


Rigby, ID


perfect for anyone


THis is a great computer for those in college or at work all the time or for those who are constatly online. I would reccomend that it is the best computer out there. It is unbleiveable how great HP is. ITs great for college students, and especially if you need to pay bills. It keeps you online with no freezing or frustration.


Tiffin, OH


Easy to operate, easy to handle.


Bought this computer for personal use for an online college course.  Have been very pleased with the ease of use, and availability of options. This computer has made finishing online coursework a breeze, and with the added microsoft office 2007 students edition, it's super easy to get papers completed with the proper format for my classes. Even assists with in-text citations! Love it!!!


Mount Carroll, IL


A sleek and sexy machine!


I've been a realtor for the last few years and finally had to break down and buy myself a laptop. I had a friend who worked with HP that helped me through the process. When it finally arrived, I was amazed at how fast it was! I don't really care for the HP control center but the new Internet Explorer is fantastic! I really couldn't be happier and I've been telling all of my colleagues about it. We've had 3 new agents purchase the same laptop already!


Boise, ID


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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