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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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Great Laptop/Tablet


This laptop is the absolute best. Not only does it have enough power to do everything you may need done, it also it great just for playing games and using the touch screen. It brings a whole new feeling to playing solitare or majong or any card game that comes with it. Great fun.

El Cajon, CA


You'll never go back to an ordinary screen.


It might not be huge, have a great graphics card or an awesome processor but it's the most stable laptop running windows that I have ever tried, and the touch screen is highly addictive. Also, it is so portable you'll be finding yourself just tucking it in a purse or messenger bag and running off with it. The low battery life isn't really a problem if you bring both batteries, which don't weigh much anyway. Also, it is actually a lot more durable than you'd think - don't judge this thing by it's size, 'cause it's worthy of the title 'computer'!

Las Vegas, NV


HP Pavilion TX1000 was ok


My friend bought this computer, and cracked the screen.  She gave me this computer cause she doesn't like it as much as her, HP special Edition L2000 (Lance Armstrong Live Strong version).So the touch screen don't work anymore cause of the crack... I thought it was pretty cool that it was a touch screen, and that the screen can rotate. And it had a remote so when you watched DVD's. I would say the picture was good on it, minus the crack. It handled the movies pretty well, other then in the main menu it would be choppy for a few seconds. I had my cousin look at the computer for me (since that's his job) he said the computer was slow, but it didn't bother me at all. Most days it was fast enough.  The troubles I have had with this computer is the computer does run REALLY HOT, something with the fan maybe???  Also when we put it to sleep 75% of the time the computer won't want to wake up! We then have to manually turn off the computer. Then about 50% of the time have to turn it on and off on and off until it decides it wants to turn back on. And actually at the moment, it refuses to turn on at all for the past day and half! Very sad. And I don't know if I like the Vista on it... but whatever. Other then that, I don't mind the computer... just wish it was working right.

Arcade, NY


the tx1000 is the ideal laptop for you.


OK i bought a tx 1000 when i was stationed at fort sam houson tx. words cannot describe the endless hours of enjoyment i got out of this computer a few minor difficultys with the operating system ( i had never used vista before). but overall a great machine voice recognition setup was a cinch plenty of space for whatever you wanted to do with it also the swivel screen was awesome and touchscreen even more convienent. great for games i played chess titans alot which kept me occupied when i needed to burn some time. i dont remember the exact processor at this time but it was probably a core2 duo harly ever froze up though even when i was streaming movies. it is pretty light weight and has a very stylish apperance. for your average tablet this is definately one of the best ones out there for the pricetag on it i paid like 1400 for mine in 2008 but its bound to be a lot cheaper now anyone looking for a tablet is sure to be enthralled with this pick

La Grange, KY




I love my Hp Pavilion tx1000 labtop because it is better than a regular computer for various reasons. I like that the laptop is small, compact, I can carry it anywhere and the money I spent on it was very worth it. I had the opportunity to receive a rebate on my Hp labtop and the weight of it is about 10-15 lbs. I like the fact that besides using a password to log onto the labtop, I can have the option of using my fingerreader. This feature is perfect to utilize in case if I had ever forgotten my password. The webcam is exciting to use although it can be difficult to use at the same time because the only way it is adjustable is if you move the laptop in the direction you want it and the webcam window could be larger. The only negative thing I have to say about my Hp labtop is that even though it's on the recommended setting for battery life, the battery life will drain quickly as soon as I unplug it and the screen gets very dim.

Hamden, CT


My HP Pavilion tx 1000 gives me freedom


I acquired the HP Pavilion tx 1000 a few months ago after much research.  I didn't want a 17 inch monitor but something that was relatively small and still readable.  My 12 inch HP fits the bill perfectly.  I was a bit leary of Vista as an operating system but once getting used to it, everything works fine.  Had to add Office program to give me the flexibility that I need for spreadsheets, etc.  No problem - everything is up and running perfectly. This computer is lightweight, had the notebook feature where I can write directly on monitor tablet.  No need for other electronic items as everything is right in one place. I highly recommend this little machine for someone who desires a relatively small computer that is powerful and convenient.   

Milford, DE


Durable and slick but slow and over rated.


The HP Pavilion tx1000 tablet is a slick, cool looking tablet.  It's also durable.  The tablet software on it is great but, the performance is just horrible.  First, the processor is extremely slow.  I upgraded to the AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile but it's still slow.  It takes 3 minutes for mmy computer to boot and be ready (I don't have alot of trash that slows that down).  Second, the graphics card is horrible.  I can barely play games, including ones on websites like miniclip. Lastly, everytime I try to play a game that has horrible graphics, I have to plug my battery in AND set the computer on high performance or else, the game is laggy. I do not recommend this product.

Omaha, NE


Don't ever buy an hp laptop


This hp tx1000 laptop is easily the worst purchase of my life. The first laptop I bought died after about two weeks and took two months (and about 20 phone calls) before I was finally given a replacement by hp. The replacement hp basically stopped working bit by bit: - First I made the mistake of taking out the removable DVD drive. The system never recognized it again. - Then the touchscreen started to go beserk and act like someone was repeatedly pressing the top right corner. Very useful for closing all your open applications quickly and unexpectedly. Luckily I figured out how to disable the touchscreen (had to disable the service) - One fine day the wireless stopped working. Tried reinstalling the software and every other thing suggested by the HP website. Nothing. Had a USB wireless adapter lying around so started to use that. Very convenient to have this thing poking out my laptop all the time. - The swivel monitor mount started to sag, eventually to the point that the monitor hung to one side permanently. - Windows Vista used to crash and freeze all the time. I put it down to Vista but I haven't had the same problems with my new Dell M1330 yet. It was also painfully slow and I ended up turning off all the windows prettiness so the interface looks like windows NT. - Then, best of all, the machine completely died. Trying to turn it on gives a brief blip of light and that's it. Called HP only to find out that the warranty expired 2 weeks ago. It seems HP machines are designed for a year's use only.

Beaumont, TX


Perfect for travel; great combination between tablet & laptop


I have been looking at this computer for awhile and then my husband decided to get it for me for Christmas.  I absolutely love it.It is small, light, does everything, has everything, can hold everything.  The screen rotates or lays flat, I can use the stylus, mouse, or touch pad.  I can even write on the screen and convert it to text.I also bought a second monitor as I have an HP Power Base.  I do a lot of my work from home so I do a lot of split screen stuff and with one smaller screen and a larger screen it is great.Best system I have worked with in a laptop so far. 

Augusta, GA


I LOVE this laptop!


This is an incredible laptop! Since I couldn't yet afford a MacBook, I went fot this and am certainly glad I did! The swivel screen comes in handy while in the car or sharing photos and videos with friends. The touch screen is GREAT and it picks up my handwriting very well. It's nice to be able to quickly write out a document since I don't type too fast. Battery life could be better but I usually get about 3 full working hours out of it so no major complaints there either. The display is clear and clean and I can play movies without a glitch! Having a fingerprint scanner is by far a lot faster than typing in my password all the time and it also keeps the kids out! What can I say? I love this product!

Calhoun, GA


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

3.9 10