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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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Terrible support, useless battery and heats a lot


My wife had this laptop for a couple of years, we had to replace the battery within the first year of use twice and then again, after few months the battery would again, last for about 10 minutes and stop working. The HDD crashed after about a year, the keyboard started failing some keys and the power jack was loose making it hard to move the laptop since anything that would touch the wire would cut off and make it run on batteries. Wireless is also very buggy, had several issues with it not being able to connect to my router or having it disconnecting or having low signal 5 feet away from the accesss point. Even with 1GB ram this laptop struggled to do some simple tasks, it was a Sempron 3100+, 80GB HD and 1GB DDR400 ram, the heat also scares the user by going up to 70°c so the fan is turned on making it very umconfortable to use, the touchpad is also crappy and makes me nervous by using it since it's not "plain". The sound is good for a laptop, also the graphics chip isn't bad and the price was bargain.

Newark, NJ


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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