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HP Pavilion MS225 desktop computer

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Sleek Design


We used to be a laptop computer family, for the sake of saving space. Our laptop died and now we are using the HP Pavillion MS225 desktop computer. I love the design! There is no bulky tower taking up space. The monitor on the HP Pavillion MS225 desktop computer is large-- 18.5 inches diagonally, and it is able to be easily tilted up or down. The monitor itself rests on a small stand, which is easily moved to where ever you need it. The HP Pavillion MS225 desktop has a built-in webcam and also has a variety of different features you can use to make your video or photo unique, such as different backgrounds and silly hats and masks! My four year old son loves that feature! :) The HP Pavillion MS225 desktop computer is energy star approved, meaning it uses less energy to operate than some other appliances. The only thing I don't really appreciate is the price of the HP Pavillion MS225 desktop computer, but you sometimes have to pay for quality.

Jewett City, CT


awesome computer hp pavillion ms225 desktop computer


The hp pavillion all-in-one computertis so easy to use . i wasnt so sure about it at the the time i got it because i have always used dell products and always had internet explorer. but when i got it the windows 7 is awesome and easy to use.

Dixon, IL


My HP All in One desktop is our best computer yet!


We knew it was time for a new computer when the laptop was frying itself, the cooling pad, and anyone who came near and the old desktop made a feeble whine when you pressed the on button.  We did a lot of research but knew this was going to be 'my' computer so I had more say than usual.  I was fascinated by the wireless options (my next printer will be wireless... but see my other review, this printer is still going strong...) and went with this wireless design.  The other thing that I was startled by was the all in one design where the big bulky CPU was no more (can you tell it's been a while since we've bought a computer?) and everything was built into the monitor. And about that monitor... LOVE it.  I love the flat display and the large size and the clarity and how you can still read it even if you are off center... We use it to watch TV shows, movies, find great websites, homeschooling, educational programs, and many more tasks that were getting difficult on our other computers.  (if not impossible). When you are looking for a family friendly, easy to set up, easy to use, pretty to look at computer, this one should be at the top of the list... and best of all, it's not expensive.  Probalby not for big time gamers, but for an all around great computer for your family or just for you, this is wonderful.   We even move it from room to room if we want to relax on the couch to watch something on the computer that we can't get on our non-internet friendly TV.  While this would have been difficult with bulky old monitors from a few years ago, it is easy and fast with this HP all in one computer!

Kansas City, MO


HP Pavilion MS225 desktop computer

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