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HP Pavilion Elite desktop computer

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I love it Pavillion desktop computer!!!


It was the first computer that I NEVER had any problems with. It was absolutely just- I can't even use words to explain it. I loved the computer, I still DO! I reccommend this to everyone in need of a desktop computer, because this is what you need. I like it I love it you have to get it. Everyone should have one of these computers, the shipping was quick, the computer almost lets you do anything. The computer is fast and well working. There is no doubt in my mind that I love this computer.

Elk Grove, CA


Seems good but some issues


This HP pavilion Elite m9040n desktop computer is a good computer for the typical college student or for the typical couple that wants to browse the net and do some streaming videos on youtube and the like. The HP pavilion elite m9040N computer can also play games really well, working games like Just Cause 2 without that many problems. But, make sure though that you get a good discrete graphics card since using integrated graphics from the motherboard will not be sufficient in running demanding games). The HP pavilionelite has an Intel Core2quad Q6600 processor powered at 2.4 ghz. The HP computer's clock speed is a bit on the low side (for me I personally prefer 3.0 ghz and onward) but that is not to say that this Q6600 is slow. The Q6600 processor is a quad core processor meaning that it has four cores. This is more than ample for someone who does the normal tasks and applications with one's computer. Honestly even three processor cores are more than enough for most American households. The only issue I have with this HP pavilion elite is that the motherboard or some other component within the desktop seems to be going out as I get blue screens a bit more than I would like. I do not know what is going on since one cannot even tamper with the bios. I may take it in for a return, although it is not a frequent problem.

Los Angeles, CA


HP Pavilion Elite M9040N


I was in the market looking for a new computer to buy for a friend when i came over this. The specs are really great and it was pre loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium. I look at the price tag and couldn't resist. his was also by one of my favorite company (Hp) so i was not expecting any difficulties at all. When i first booted it up, the new computer really gave it self a great first impression. It loaded quickly with no problems at all. All the necessary essentials were already pre installed and ready to use. Setting up the new administrator account couldn't be more simple. One year in and i started to experience a small problem. The DVD burner would stop and not read or write anything. I couldn't do anything with it so i made contact wit HP. Their representative was informative and they got me a working one again. There was no need to wait for about a month for a replacement and hope that it'll soon come, for this process was quick and simple. The monitor it came with was great. It displayed with no dead pixels and the resolution couldn't be better.

San Leandro, CA


Love it!


I love this desktop not to mention the awesome LCD screen that it comes with because those big bulky monitors are just stupid and I hate those things they are so annoying. Anyways before I got this desktop I had a laptop pc and I would use programs like adobe photoshop and paintshop pro and it would work well enough... most of the time but it didn't quite have the power it needed so I got this desktop and it works like magic no glitches no slowness and no hickups at all I love this machine! I also couldn't play very many games on my laptop but I can play pther better games on my new deskptop without the glitchyness because my laptop couldn't handle that type of stuff. I like games that at least have some graphics to them an this desktop plays those pretty well not mind you this isn't a super duper good oc that can play the best of the best don't be mistaken but if you plan on buyin one of these looks at the specs and then compare then to the specs required to whatever games or programs you would like to run on it. :)

Anderson, SC


HP Pavilion Elite M9040N desktop computer Works for me


The HP Pavilion Elite M9040N desktop is an excellent machine with that is really is quite a package that will suit a variety of users.  However, unless you truely are in fact an advanced user or even just a someone he uses the computer very often, you may want to consider something else.  I will say that this particualr computer has a whole lot to offer, however it is a little pricey when compared to the competition.  I really believe that the casual user or even just the type of perosn who plays around on the internet all day, is actually spending a significantly large amount of money for a computer they do not even need.  Someone like that should purchase a cheaper computer that does not have the capacity of this.  On the other hand, if you are a gamer or are a serious user who likes all the techie stuff, definitely give this one some serious consideration. Althhough the price is a little high, it will surely perform.

Afton, IA


great for the price


The HP pavilion elite is an awesome computer that is easy on the wallet, but does not sacrifice any performance or the capabilities that i think most computer users need on a regular basis.  i use the desktop for doing normal things like surfing the web, creating word documents, working from home, and listening to music and streaming video.  I know that is not the most extensive use, and a lot of tech people do more than that, but for most people that stuff is all they need, and this computer does it all.  It starts up quickly, I'd say within 90 seconds or so which is great for a desktop.  The computer came with windows 7, which is awesome and so much more user friendly than vista.  the other good thing about the computer is that the processor is so fast and the graphics card is really good, so streaming video is awesome... it's not as good as cable television, but it's not far from that either.  i strongly recommend this computer for the average user.

Oxford, PA


HP Pavilion Elite desktop computer

4.3 6