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HP Pavilion Elite E-210F desktop computer

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Worth the price


I purchased this PC because I was on a budget and I also needed great hardware specs. 3.0 Ghz Quad core, 8 gigs of DDR3, 1 TB HDD, Bluray capable & drive. Graphics card is good for video but not great for gaming. Been using it for 5 months now as my main PC and have yet to run into trouble.

Arlington, TX


If there were negative stars I would give this a -10


I had an HP Pavilion the required repairs 4 times over a short period of time. It was the same or similar issue on each occasion. On the 5 occasion of the same problem I had to endure a major hassle over getting the computer replaced, being informed by the technician and also Jason Carroll, HP Quality Case Manager, that he could not replace my computer, only to receive a call a short time later from Jason, stating he would replace the computer and asked me if I could wail until the following Tuesday and he would call me and spec the new computer out. Which I agreed to do. He did call me on Tuesday, as he said he would, and went through and indicated what specific components he could install in a new HP Pavilion dv 7. During this conversation, I specifically asked Jason if my HP Care Pack would start over with the receipt of the new computer. He replied that it would, that this was as if I was purchasing a brand new computer, although he had to order it, and the same warranties would apply. I asked him specifically if I would receive a new HP Care Pack Certificate for the extended warranty as well and he said I would. This is where I truly hope you maintain copies of phone conversations, because is necessary for me to get assistance on the new computer.When I called Tech Support I spoke with a person that I was unable to understand. I told them that I had a hearing problem and said they went to a different telephone which was clearer but because of the persons accent I still had trouble understanding them although we did manage to get through the information.The problems 1. It is overheating the same as the previous notebook did. I use an under the notebook cooler plus an external fan blowing on the keyboard just to touch it. 2. That the heat has caused the keyboard to indent lines into the screen indicating the keyboard is most likely warped and pressing against screen3. When hot, keys do not always work without striking them extremely hard4. On occasion my screen goes blurry for about 1 to 2 minutes then clears up

Madison, WI


HP Pavilion Elite E-210F desktop computer

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