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HP Pavilion DV6308 Notebook PC

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The HP Pavilion DV6308NR's parts are cheap and service is crap!


Alright, well here goes.  First off if out of the box performance.  5/10.  With no programs installed it's ok, so I didn't complain, because it was my birthday present.  After a while, normal programs started filling up my hard drive and performance decreased.  Photoshop and Flash are hard to run.  Gaming is a no.  I finally decided that the RAM had to be upgraded.  Unfortunately there was only 1 GB of RAM preinstalled, and the max it could be upgraded to is 2 GB.  Ehh.  Performance increased, and I was slightly satisfied.  Then, my PC got infected after my Trend Micro security software ran out.  And guess what, I had to pay 19.95 for restore discs.  Yeah right.  So being as awesome as I am, I downloaded the Windows Vista Install Disc .IFO file and burned it to a disc.  I reinstalled Vista and It was better.  Now I know to use less programs and keep a good 50 GB of space open on my hard drive to ensure maximum performance.

Broadview Heights, OH


HP Pavilion DV6308 Notebook PC

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