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HP Pavilion DV3 Notebook PC

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This was the first laptop that I have personally owned which I got when I graduated high school and started college, but it was definitely not the first laptop I have ever used. I got all the trimmings with the laptop as well, increased graphics, more rem, etc. and I could not be happier with how it has performed. It is a little bit on the big and heavy side, but when comes to movies and working at a desk, it can't be beat. I have had bad experiences with Dell computers and I really hate Macs, so hp seemed to be the only way to go. The computer has not crashed yet, and as a student I use it alot. The battery life is stellar and the design is very useful. I would suggest this to any person, techie or not.

Chicago, IL


the dv3 is the best for travel and watching movies


I got this computer for reduced price being 50% off value ! I will say the best 450 ive ever spent and i love using the webcam i have skype so now I get to talk to my brother whos away at college as much as I want :) The screen is perfect size the keys are easy to tap and it also has a neat design all over it !  Also comes with lightscribe which you get a special disk and put in the disk and it puts a picture of your choice on the disk insted of writing on the disk with marker! the speakers are great I watch a movie and I hear it clear even when I put the headphones in it dosent sound distorted. the mouse pad is easy to use because you get to set your sensitivity when you first start up the computer it lets you customize your options right away and not have to look throught the whole computer to find one thing also the vista makes it easy to use with big icons and search bar when you press start up key

Elgin, IL


The HP Pavilion dv3-2155mx Notebook is sleek, and user friendly.


The HP Pavilion dv3-2155mx Entertainment Notebook is a fun little computer to use!  It has a dragon & floral print across the whole thing.  I wasn't very crazy about the dragons when I realized what they were (I thought it was just a floral pattern when I first saw it), but the funcionality and features of the computer really outweigh my dislike of the dragons.  This notebook is sleek and light weight.  It has a really convenient multimedia remote control for watching DVDs.  Easy and fun to use!  Great for Skype with a built-in webcam and microphone for chatting.

Irmo, SC


HP Pavilion DV3 Notebook PC

4.7 3