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HP PSC Printer

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multi-talented and a great bargain


This is a nice little All-in-one that prints copies and scans.  It doesn't take up too much space and even though it was a refurbished model I have not had any major problems with it.  When I did have a problem the online diagnositic tool was helpful.  I mainly use it for basic printing but have used it for photos, scanning and copying without any problems.

Salinas, CA


Inkjets are expensive, but multifunction is nice.


First of all this printer has a big disadvantage being an inkjet.  I am a strong believer in even fairly light printer users relying on laser printers rather than ink.  Ink costs more than any other fluid I know. Having said all that, this printer offers some benefits over most lasers, specifically, it allows copying and scanning using a flatbed on the top of the printer.  These features really come in handy and are a nice addition to the basic printer.  Since the printer isn't that large of an initial investment and the scanning feature doesn't require ink, I think the HP PSC 1200 was worth just getting for the infrequent times you need color printing and/ or scanning capabilities. This printer certainly has some downsides: - It was difficult / impossible (I never got it working) to get it to scan into Mac OS X. - HP software is bloated and hogs resources on both XP and OS X.  However, there are options that don't use HP software.  You can scan into XP using the scanner & camera features include in XP - As I said before, Ink is ridiculously expensive.  

Kansas City, KS


Great printer for my needs


I bought this printer from my sister in law and it works great. It does everything I need it to and the quality of the pics I print are great. I just wish it printed faster than it does. It's slow but not like awful slow. It scans well and copies are good. It uses color ink fast though.

Shelbyville, TN


HP PSC Printer

4.0 3