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HP PSC 2110 All-In-One Printer

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Excellent buy and if buying used, get a demonstration.


I got this printer many years ago because it would print 8 1/2 x 14, do photos, scans. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat. Simple to use and you don't have to be an advance tech nerd to use it. If you are a novice to computer/printers - read, practice and have patience ~ It is not that difficult to master. Used Win XP and not all features work in Win 7 unless set for xp. Performance Print very well from computer or the top of printer. There were no problems installing software. Ease of using the software increased when skill increased using the printer for printing and scanning. You can scan for B & W, Photo, etc. Copy Quality you can adjust the the quality of the printing on the printer or thru the computer program.. I used fast draft all the time until print quality went down then I adjust the quality. Ink/Paper Use Ink cartridges last a long time if you use fast draft copy. Can print envelopes also. Ease of Use Will do back to back printing if selected but you do have to turn the pages around to print the back side but it will tell you to do that on the computer screen. Very easy to use. Printer buttons are well labeled. Printer cartridges are easy to replace (take out/put in) Durability Great, I took this printer on a road trip to a family reunion along with my laptop to scan family photos in a park pavilion. use a power cord to have additional plug-ins. Design It uses same power cords that monitors use. USB cord end that fits into printer just be careful inserting it and taking it out. If something gets broken there you will not be able to print/scan from your computer.

Bull Shoals, AR


An excellent and affordable all in one


I love this all in one printer. They are affordable, easy to install and use. Anytime you ever have trouble with it, just go to hp's website and they fix it without any problems. Scans look great too. It prints pretty fast. However, I would not recommend printing many pictures with it. That can get a bit expensive. The ink is costly.

Richmond Dale, OH


HP PSC 2110 - great printer!


A review for an older product.... but I still have and love my HP PSC 2110.  And although I've gone wireless, I'm keeping this printer as a stand alone printer.  The copy feature can't be beat - it scans, reduces, enlarges, darker/lighter ink, etc.  My newer HP, although another great product, doesn't do everything this older version does.  The lid comes off for over-sized scanning, too.  If there were just an easy and cheap way to make it wireless.... The ink cartridges are still available, and are pricey, but then they've always been.  But the price per sheet output is still comparable to other printer's prices (and really, that's what you should compare to, not just the price of the ink cartridge alone).  The cartridges are easier to change on the newer models, though - on this one you have to lift the entire top of the printer up to change them. But, this printer has held up well, and I intend to keep it until it just doesn't go anymore. :)

Indianapolis, IN


HP PSC 2110 All-In-One Printer

5.0 3