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HP PSC 1410 All-In-One Printer

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Excellent all-in-one printer at a reasonable price


when my original HP printer broke down, I wanted something more than just a basic printer. I wanted an all-in-one machine. I wanted something that would allow me to make great scans, fax, as well as print all of the pictures and text that I want to print. That's when I came across the Hewlett-Packard PSC 1410. This is one excellent printer. Not only does it pretty quickly in both color and black and white, but the quality of every photograph that I print here is just as good as the quality of the pictures that would normally get companies like snap fish. The software is easy to install however in my opinion a bit bulky. The built-in scanner does an excellent job of scanning old photographs and even automatically corrects their orientation. I can also book the machine and with the press of a button maker color or a black and white copy. If you need an all-in-one machine, and you don't want to spend a lot of money, look into this model printer.

Amityville, NY


Love the all - in - one printer


I love the convenience of having a printer at home instead of having to head to a post office or library for copies..  I can prepare ahead of time for my sunday school class in stead of waiting to get to church to make copies and  the copies come out clean and clear.  We have minimal paper jams compared to our last copier.   We do tend to go through ink rather quickly - I haven't to refill them myself though I hear it's quite easy. At least the ink for this is much cheaper than the previous model we had.   My favorite and handiest part of the three in one is the scanner.   My older kids always helped the younger ones with homework. ( the new way kids are being taught  makes parents' help useless now LOL )     Now that some are off to college, we can scan work papers  to them so they can see the problems as they answer questions..  What a godsend!!  I highly recommend this product..  If it could only send faxes, it would be perfect! I 

Bellville, OH


If you unplug it you are in for it!


I got this printer on sale and I loved that it was an all-in-one printer. It had the scanner, copy machine and printer all built in. Well, when I first installed it everything worked great, then my husband and I moved. When we plugged the machine back in we couldn't get the scanner to work. No matter what we did this thing would not work. I called the customer service number for HP and the hold times are ridiculous, I talked to man that I could barely understand and after 45 minutes he did nothing for me. I ended up hanging up. I re-installed the software for the third time and that seemed to do the trick, until I unplugged it. I moved my computer desk and when I plugged the printer back in the scanner won't work. I have tried re-installing the software and it's not working. I have given up on using the scanner. I can't say that I would buy another HP printer because I have friends who have the same one and have the same problems.

Silverdale, WA


Great Printer at a Nice Price!


My previous expensive Epson printer went out after several years.  I went looking for a new printer. I was told that HP was the best to get.  So I went looking at pricing and features.  And for my money HP price wise is the best and it had many great features.  The print quality was great, and the colors were actually true to what you saw on the screen.  The Epson printer I had before the color was off just a little. Enough for you to notice it.  The other thing I found that is very smart on HP's part is to put the print head on the print cartridge.  Other printers the print head is on the printer. So if it goes bad, you need a new printer!  With HP each time you get a new cartridge you get a new print head.  So their products last much longer than others.I found that it scans fast too. No lag time. The software was easy to install and it worked right out of the box. No problems! It's also easy to hook up as well. Just plug it in, put it into your computer and you're all set!The print cartridges though are smaller than they used to be and you don't get as much out of them. However, with the econo print setting you can stretch the amount of ink you use and I have been on one cartridge for several months now. All in all a great product at a great affordable price! 

Fort Atkinson, WI


the all in one printer has been very conveinent


we have had this printer for a while now and we think that it is great as far as quality goes and we have had now problems with it except the price of the ink is so very high that I get sick everytime that we have to buy ink.

Kennewick, WA


This is the best for the price.


This printer removes red eye from photos, has a copier on top, and is one of the best I have ever had. It doesn't use much ink but wow what great copies and photos. It is easy to set up and a breeze to operate.

Fenton, MO


The HP PSC 1410v prints fast, good quality pages and photos.


I have been using the HP PSC 1410v All-in-One Printer, Scanner and Copier for the last 4 years with excellent results.  I'll tell you about the features that I like best in this All-in-One Printer.  This model prints vibrant photos and laser-quality black text.  It prints 18 pages per minute and 14 color pages per minute and that saves time. You can organize, edit, enhance, and print photos with the HP Image Zone software on CD-Rom that comes with your purchase of this model.  For convenience, you can make copies and photo reprints without even turning on your computer.  I also like the fact that it uses the HP 21 black ink print cartridge and the HP 22 color ink print cartridge because these are inexpensive print cartridges. This model is relatively light weight at 13.6 lbs and takes up little space. In the 4 years I have used the HP PSC 1410v I have never experienced any problems printing, scanning, or copying pages and photos and I still use it daily as my default printer. Buy it and you will get your moneys worth and then some. I give this model 5 stars and my highest recommendation.

Lexington, NC


HP Printers are the Energizer Bunnies of their Class


  I have owned my printer for about 5 years without a repair, and it works as well as the day I took it out of the box. The ink is much less expensive than what my old Lexmark printer used. When the preferance is set to fast draft, you get twice as many sheets as the normal setting yields--perfect for personal use.

Boise, ID


Hewlett Packard PSC 1410v All In One simplifies my life!


Hewlett Packard's PSC 1410v All In One is an essential tool in my daily life.  I always need a copy of something, or a digital version of an old photograph, and with just the touch of a button, I can get that done without leaving my comfortable place.  As the secretary of our fantasy football league, I have to print out weekly statistic sheets for the owners, as well as the league newsletter.  Hewlett Packard has a great online support team that has never failed to help me with any problem or question that I may have.  I needed a new USB cord, and the trouble-shooting feature in the help program let me figure out what I needed to do to fix the malfunction.  Hewlett Packard also provides regular updates of their software and take good care of their customers.  I really use the Hewlett Packard Director, especially the Image Processor, to scan pictures and re-size them into e-mail and web compatibility.  Now that I think about it, Hewlett Packard has been part of my life for many years, a product I have come to depend on.

Madisonville, TX


I've had this for 6 years without a hitch, an excellent buy!!!!


I bought the **Hewlett Packard PSC 1410 All-In-One InkJet Printer over 6 years ago and have used the devil out of it and haven't had a single problem. I've used it on several different computers and it was compatible with all of them. A very good buy for the money and easy to figure out. The ink cartridges are cheaper than most as well. It's easy to get updates and easy to get cartridges sent from HP and they ship fast as well. I thought it would be hard to keep clean but this wasn't the case. Just wipe the scanner glass with a damp cloth every couple of months and spray the inside with canned air and that's it. It has a built in head cleaner also and is easy to align. This was the first printer I ever bought and when this one finally goes or I'm ready for an upgrade I will definitely go with HP again. Fantastic products! You can't go wrong with this one..............................................**

Fort Dodge, IA


HP PSC 1410 All-In-One Printer

4.4 14