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HP PSC 1401 Printer

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HP all the way


The HP 1401 all in one, printer,scan,copier, is a nice fairly inexpensive piece of equipment.  It does a fairly nice job of scanning items and making copies.  Be prepared to be patient as it will take a few minutes to complete its task.  The ink is relatively inexpensive to replace. If you print lots of photos I would recommend buying your ink from costco.

Battle Ground, WA


hp psc 14010v very easy to use


I purcased this printer used and I had no manual to go by. I was able to go on the internet sight for hp and down load the information I needed to hook up my printer to my computer and start using it.  The printer has good color and prouduces photos very well it could how ever be improved upon. So that I don't use the ink so fast.  The scranner is okay I can down load a picture and it doesn't come out blurry like my other scranner did.  I can make alot of black print copies at a time.  The color copy seem to use the ink faster up then making black copies.  The price of ink cartridge for the hp 14010v are pretty inexpensive to buy.  So over all the HP14010v is the all-in-one print, scranner, copier is the way to go if you don't mind that you use up the color ink pretty fast when making copies of photos or other color copies. The black will last a bit longer for the same amount of copies.

Lowell, MI


HP PSC 1401 Printer

4.0 2