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HP P2055DN LaserJet Monochrome Printer

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This is a great printer for small buisness or home.


The HP laserjet 2055 DN is a great little printer if you need a laser printer for a small buisness or for you office at home. I unfortunetly have experience with this printer in a very large corporate infastructure, so my review may be a little biased. We have worked on a great deal of printers, I will say this is not the worst design ever, I feel it is not the greatest. When purchasing a printer, always look at the volume you print, and compare it to the volume that the printer company feels thier printer can handle. This will give you a pretty decent idea of what you can do. The printer is very fast considering how small it is, and fits into some very small spaces. The area where I have the most problem is in the design. The feed rollers in this printer a similar in desing to the Lasejet P3005 and 3015. I hate this design. The 4000 series and above has a great design with the feed rollers that just clip into place. These ones have to be disassemblied in a strange way, which is not really hard, but it just makes a 5 second fix into a 1 minute fix. Also I've noticed that these feed rollers and seperation pads (which are part of the tray now), seem to wear down a lot quickier than the feed roller and seperation roller ideas of such printers as the Laserjet 4000, 4200, and 4015 series. It still functions, and they can be replaced, so it's not the end of the world, but when you are a tech working on thousands of printers, you would prefer to have the easiest and most reliable design possible. All in all, this goes back to my original statement, that if you don't print a whole lot, this is a great printer for you.

Campbell, OH


Limited usage only.


I run a home based business.  I print approximately 15,000 pages a month.   I need a printer that has a fast output because I often have a short time frame to print out documents.    I am not good with technology ... I want something simple and easy to use with no hassles.   When this printer would jam or fail to print, you had to attempt to guess what was wrong ... an indicator light in the shape of a lightening bolt would flash but doesn't give you any indication of what is wrong.  After checking for obvious paper jams, it was hit or miss to find out what was wrong.   If you wanted to cancel a print job after it starts, it was nearly impossible to do.   This printer was SO chintzy.   It was so lightweight, picking it up, it felt like a toy for my grandchildren.   I was always afraid that opening and closing the paper trays would cause it to break.  This printer did not even last one year before the fuser wore out/broke.   It also went through A LOT of toner compared to other printers.   Upside would be the nice,compact size for those with limited office space. 

York, PA


Out of my last 5 printers I would rank this #1


I was desperately in need of a printer that made wonderful black and white prints, and that made them quickly. This printer not only does that but it prints double sided if told to do so. I have set my default to print quickly and always double sided. I am finding that I am using much less paper. It is making my life much easier. I seem to buy a new printer often and this time I decided to splurge on a more expensive piece of office equipment. I normally just by an all-in-one but this time I wandered. Other people in my life have this printer or an older version of it and it has worked for them for a LONG time. They seem to have to only change the toner occasionally and it is not a big deal at all.  My only complaints is that it is a little noisy when it prints and that after it has completed a job it has about a 20-30 second quiet pause and then it kind of "clunks". It is like it has finally decided that it will not be printing more for a while and it needs a break. It is not a reason to NOT buy the printer it is more of a minor annoyance that jars me when I am not fully alert. I give this printer 2 thumbs up! 

Stanwood, WA


Excellent, fast printer for the money! Works with Windows 7


I just got this HP LaserJet P2055dn B&W printer to go with the next installation of Windows 7.  First of all, installation could not have been simpler or easier. We connected it to the computer, plugged it in and turned it on and within seconds it was installed and tested. It prints fast, whether it's just text or graphics-rich documents. It's nice when you have large documents to print. One feature I like is the "one-handed paper loading" ... a vast improvement over my last LaserJet which had to be wrestled with just to load paper. I haven't had it long enough to discuss long-term reliability, but my last HP printer never caused a problem, and I expect this one to be reliable as well. I also like the somewhat "sleeker" look compared to my last printer. It prints up to 8.5x14, but it's a bit smaller than the last one. Smaller is always nice.

Pittsburgh, PA


HP P2055DN LaserJet Monochrome Printer

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