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OJ PRO L7780
HP Officejet Pro All-In-One Printer

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Great pics; networking, wireless and duplexing are all a breeze


This printer is fast, yet very efficient. Photos come out great!. No problem connecting to my home network or setting it up wirelessly. It is very easy to manage. I really like how it troubleshoots itself by telling you where the paper is jammed, which happens very rarely, and which ink you are low on.I also am absolutely thrilled with the ability of duplex printing at home as well as the double paper tray on an all-in-one. This is a great printer and is definately quality for the money.


Augusta, GA


HP L7780 Printer: Waste of Money!!


Had to update this today as the sheet feeder is not officially broken. Don't waste your money on this product. There are too many other choices that are at least as good. I shopped around and came up with what I thought was THE machine. Not so fast. Get 2 paper trays so you can leave 2 types of media loaded, right? Not with this printer. You can only put photo paper in the top tray--which is the default tray. Thus, you cannot leave photo paper and regular paper loaded at the same time unless you want your faxes to print on your photo paper. I still haven't gotten the wireless networking to work, but that is probably due to a lack of effort. Let's just say that it is not easy. Pictures print great--after you load the paper. Copies and scans fun well, though scanning is a bit more intensive than I would like due to all the options. Seems rather durable, but it is too soon to tell. Bottom line is that the aditional paper tray and the networking will cost you quite a bit extra--and neither of them are working for me. I would recommend one of the cheaper HP versions that are basically this item without the additional tray and networking. Sheet feeder basically does not work at all, and never worked well. I recommend you look elsewhere. I have not yet replaced this printer, but it certainly was not a good value.


Newville, PA


Long time user of this model.


I have been using the HP officejet pro L7780 for a couple years as my primary printer. It is the printer connected to 3 windows based computers which are all also HP brand. It has connected successfully at first wired and wireless now. Our oldest computer does not have wireless capabilities but connects to the printer through a wire to attuverse gateway. Occasionally, meaning about once or twice a month the computer and printer communication will fail and require that the printer be shut off and restarted. This usually successfully results in any buffered or waiting print jobs being printed fine as soon as the printer is restarts. The ink is very easy to replace and I appreciate the availability of the larger capacity ink cartridges. The dashboard letters are hardy and not worn a bit even with lots of use. On some other electronic the letttering tends to wear off with use but not on this machine. It does not pull a lot of power and I do not notice any surges or power problems when the printer is active. It has been compatible with several paint and art program I have installed. The copy feature is easy to use. The parts are easy to dust. The top paperfeed does not snap into place very tightly and has tended to come loose when the scanner lid is opened too far. It does not appear to warm up the room when running which is nice since it is nearby where I sit on the computer I use most often. The few paper jams I have had were easy to retrieve, there are instructions that come on the printer to tell me how to clear the paper jam. The instructions that pop up on the printer are easy to understand and help talk me through any maintenence needed on the printer like hwo to replace cartridges, or paper or clear jams and such. The ink cardriges have never leaked when being replaces and don't stain my fingers at all.


Lansing, MI


HP OfficeJet 7780 is a versitile machine!


The HP OfficeJet 7780 is a great machine. With its' wireless capacity, duplexing, scanning and remote fax capabilities, what more could an office really need? Cartidges are sometimes not long lasting, yet most times the color is vivid and bright. My particular machine is quiet in the back ground which is great as well. I recommend you consider this for your home or small business, it you are paper intensive, you might find the digital filing function a life saver.


Trenton, NJ


HP Officejet Pro All-In-One Printer

3.8 4