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HP Officejet J4580 All-In-One Printer

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Prints well, overall a good printer


This is a good printer. It has good print quality and I have not really had any problems with it. It is great to have a copier and fax machine (though I cannot say I have used the fax machine). I am a little frustrated because I cannot get it to scan. Other than that, I like it and it does what I need it to do. Performance It does what I need it to do. Copy Quality It does a great job on making copies. Ink/Paper Use It seems to not use an abundant amount of ink. As I said below, the design of the paper holder is not great. Ease of Use It is a really easy printer to use. I had no problem other than not knowing how to get the scanner to work. I still don't know. Durability I think it's pretty durable. We have had it for about two years and it's working very well, except for the paper tray. Design The only big flaw in the design is the paper tray. It sticks out and I have bumped it on occasion. I actually broke off the piece that holds the tray on when I walked by it one day. I glued it back on but I think it fell off recently.


Webster, MA


A good item for households


If you're a small business starting out, this is not the best item to work with. while it is multi-functional (scan, copy, print, fax), the printing (which you may do alot of) will get you frustrated. This Officejet eats ink like crazy and I haven't even gone through a complete pack of letter sized paper. Apart from it's heavy ink consumption, the cartridges are pretty expensive. It uses a tri-color cartridge and a black cartridge that is installed to the right side of the Officejet. This is great for small household, who probably may do more scanning and a little copying and the occasional printing associated. I would not recommend this for a college student, especially if they share unless they are able to maintain the cartridge consumption. Outside of this, it's pretty good. The print quality is great however the papers often comes out very moist due to the inking. It's really fast and will get job done just like that. Consider using on a regular because if store it may take a while to warm up to pulling in paper for printing. Scanning is easy and the installation is also quite simple for any user to do regardless of computer knowledge. I did it for both by desktop and laptop. The HP Solution Centre is great is quite interactive and will provide help support if needed based on error you may see on your Officejet. You may want to also know that each time you load a cartridge it re-calibrates and does a a very lengthy process of scanning, copying then printing which of course consumes ink. Maybe I haven't found the way of preventing such process yet. I gave it a 4 because overall its a great item to start out with and provides the efficiency you will need in a all in one without the ink eating concern Ease of Use Sometimes there is just too many buttons to go through to do a copy job


Newark, NJ


This 3 in 1 is 3 times better than most other printers


HP Officejet  All in One printer # J4580 was the right choice for all my printing, copying and faxing needs... I am very pleased with the quality and ease of use... One disappointment is the cost of the ink cartridges....I will try using a refillable service...


Hickory, NC


I love my HP All in One!


I love my HP Office Jet All in one Printer.  This was bought as a tool to complete our home office.  I am not very computer savy,  but this product has made printing,  faxing, and scanning very easy for me to do.  As a cost consious person,  this was a very easy choice for me to make.  This particular product has done all it says it can do,  and it does it's job very quickly.  The software was easy to install,  and very helpful and useful to me.  The cartridges are easily installed,  and easily removed to install a new one.  Cartridges are very well priced and the price easily fits in my budget.  I have scanned fliers from my childrens school to email to other family members so that they can take part in plays,  or programs,  and the quality of the scans are wonderful.  This printer fits easily on my desk,  right next to the desktop computer,  and there is room to spare for other items on the desk.  I just love this product!


Melba, ID


the HPJ4580 all in one the answer to a novices dream


i am almost eighty years old and not the most experienced to say the least ,however i found this HP printer to be so easy to understand its ability to almost read my mind. its fast,  i have had  little trouble with jamming but if i do i can actually fix it myself if i am unable HP is right there to assist me and they are so patient with old lady  


Lake In The Hills, IL


Costly Cartidge


I was offered this prinyter for free when I bought a laptop and in retrospect it seems like a trap to me. The cartridge are very costly and do not last long. So you end up paying lot more than you expected. The print quality is good, but I was looking more for a ok print which I can use to print stuff at home , not official stuff, so this printer is definetly not for me :(. I see advetize for Kodak printer and am planning to check one out as the cartridge are far less costly than HP. I hate it when maufacturers try to fool consumers this way :(. The cartridge should not be so costly  and especially the colcor ones are far too much let alone the black and white. So if you want a printer for home office and are okk with spending a lot on cartrdge than and only than buy these, else if you just looking for a prinetr to print out flight check in or coupons,I would say go for a one where the cartidge are cheaper    


Columbus, OH


the hp printer is easily to operate , fast , would recommend.


The hp officejet j4580 all-in-one printer, is something you will enjoy owning. It's easy to manage. I like that if the paper runs out, you are to stop where you are,supply more paper and begin where you where. without having to start all over again. I would highly reconmend this printer. the set direction where easy to follow. It boots up fast and turns off just as fast. It's an energy star printer, which helps save on electricity, and the price was very reasonable. With this printer when it comes to print out something it's not hard to do that, the steps to print are very simple.I'm not that good with computer or printers, but the directions are easy to follow and understand, not all that unessisary reading, hard to understand direction,just plain and simply. The price of the hp printer was very resonable, so the price of it isn't a promblem either.  once you expericence the values of the hp printer I very positive you will love it, oh and it's not that big and funny looking, doesn't take up a lot of space either. Thank you for letting me give you some insight and qualities of the hp officejet j4580 all-in-one printer.


Chicago, IL


all you need in this one


I shopped around for a long time before finally get this all in one printer. I have had HP printers in the past and they always worked well and had seen some positive reviews of the 4580. I have been very happy with my purchase and have told many people the great features it has. The set up time is very quick, this printer is very, very simple to use as is the fax machine and scanner and copier. The document feeder hold a good deal of paper so faxing large projects works great, printing speed is also very quick so you're not waiting on anything. The printer came with ink cartridges and the location for replacement is very easy to get to and it's a quick process for changing the cartridges out. The machine itself if very nice looking with a good size screen and doesn't take up very much room. I like the way the paper feeds in the front and how all the trays fold up when not in use. I've printed photos with this as well and they turn out nicely and print quickly which is a nice feature. I would recommend this product.


Battle Ground, WA


Great price & functionality - but sometimes a little buggy.


I got this at a great discount when I bought it in conjunction with my laptop. I was looking for a printer that had a copier, scanner, and printer function, which this printer has. The printer also comes with a fax and the copier, scanner, and printer are all BW and color. It is an inkjet. I do not use the fax portion so cannot comment on that. I've used it for about 1.5 years now and it is a great little product. Space-wise, it's not too bulky, and is modern-looking. The print function is fast and the quality of it is very good for an ink-jet. It does use the ink rather quickly, but they sell XL versions of the print cartridges (for the black, anyway), which will save you money in the long run and last you a longer time (you're replacing them less). The copy function works well - there is a feeder tray for it as well as a manual glass portion. I use the scanner function a lot, and my one complaint with the printer as a whole is this part - the scanner can get buggy sometimes. I don't know if it's the software working in conjunction w/ the printer, but I sometimes have difficulty getting my laptop to pick up on the scanner, and the machine will just say 'error - can't scan', or something like that. While I finally figured out how to manually start the scanning on the laptop (requires launching the separate HP program online), it's a bit annoying when I have to do this instead of just pressing the button on the machine. That said, I think it's good value for money and most functions work properly - at least enough for me to think that it has been worth it. It does what I need to do, and it is certainly handy and convenient to have the 3-in one function at home. I use the scanner part much more than I thought, and it's very useful!


Emeryville, CA


It probalby has more than what I know about and will figure out


The HP j4580 all in one printer its a great does more than I need a printer to do but will have fun learning more about this wonderful all in one printer.  What I have printed so far has be the best copies that I have printed on any of my other copiers and they didn't have all the bells and whistles that this one has.


Golden, CO


HP Officejet J4580 All-In-One Printer

4.2 19