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HP Officejet All-In-One Printer

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Works fine if you're okay with headaches


I have a lot of complaints about this printer, but I want to start by saying that I didn't pay very much for it and it is well worth the discount price I got it for. It isn't a terrible printer, but it doesn't function without headaches. Every third or fourth page it prints out, it goes incredibly slow. And I'm not just talking about slow, but more like an intermittent print. It will print out one line then pause for 3-4 seconds, then print another line, and will do that all the way through the page, sometimes taking up to 5-10 minutes to print out one page. And not to quote Office Space, but it always says "paper jam" when there is no paper jam. Even when there is the occasional paper jam, it's the printers fault! It takes in paper in such a fast, jerky motion that sometimes it sucks it in sideways. On top of the hardware issues, the settings are always changing on their own. I'm the only one that uses the printer and the computer its connected to and the settings will always change from print to fax, or from color to grey scale without me even touching it. Again, I'm content with the printer, but it could be so much better than it is.

Elk Grove, CA


HP Officejet All-In-One Printer

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