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HP Officejet 4500 All-In-One Printer

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Great all in one printer!


I have always used HP printers. I like the performance of the machines. When I purchased this particular model I was a little wary that it was an all in one product and wasn't sure tall the functions would work up to par. But I was proven wrong. I print, copy and scan all day long on this machine. Performance Never had any problem. I think I have only had one paper jamb and that was my fault!!! Copy Quality As long as your ink is full and you always align your cartridge you have great copy quality. Ink/Paper Use The ink replacements are so simple to install. Never had a problem with the cartridges being installed. I don't think I every had a paper jam with this machine. Ease of Use Everything is easy to understand and the software that comes with it is of tremendous help. Durability Very durable. Design I like the set up of the the printer. The keyboard is easy to use and understand. It is a sleek design and fits comfortably on my little table next to my desk.

Detroit, MI


Good all around printer with multiple uses.


I think this is a great all around printer. However, it does seem to go offline pretty frequently and it's kind of a hassle to get back online again. It goes through ink slower than my old printer but it's more expensive to replace it. Don't refill the ink cartridges though you will have poor quality prints if you do. Ink/Paper Use It seems to go through ink a little slower than my last printer but the ink is way more expensive than my last printer.

Orlando, FL




Just ordered this printer on the 11th, received it by the 14th, it did not work, after 33 minutes on the phone with customer service, they decided to send out a replacement, I just received the replacement yesterday, it also does not work, now they are sending yet another replacement. Performance Never even printed a single page Copy Quality how would I know? it did not even print! Ink/Paper Use poor, didn't use a single piece of paper. Ease of Use not easy to use when you have to call customer service to find out why its flashing warning signs or making loud clacking noises. Durability not very durable apparently, didn't even get to use it once!

Canton, OH


Fast Printing; Glitchy Performance


I upgraded my old HP printer for a newer version with more bells and whistles. HP Officejet 4500 promised better print quality, all-in-one convenience, and wireless capability at an affordable price point. While I appreciate its print quality and price tag, I absolutely hate the faulty software, paper tray errors, wireless beeping, and power save glitches. In fact, I ultimately replaced this one with an Epson WorkForce 635 and couldn't be happier. Performance To say the software sucks is an understatement. It's completely batty. When I try to scan, it sometimes opens up a bunch of windows with error messages, but then ultimately scans anyway. It also kept prompting me to register my product even though I already had. My hubby set up the printer to work with the wireless option. However, I'm stuck with the cords because the wireless button is prone to beeping loudly!, suddenly, and for no apparent reason. Copy Quality The Officejet 4500 prints twice as fast as my old printer with excellent results. Even the Draft setting is crisp enough for my everyday tasks, and photos and mixed text/photo documents come out sharp and clear on the finer settings. Ink/Paper Use HP 4500 creates a paper jam every 3 or 4 print jobs that I send to it. If it doesn't jam, it thinks it's out of paper even when the paper tray is completely full. So what I gain in printing speed, I lose in having to fiddle with paper in the tray. Since Draft mode prints good enough for most of my jobs, the ink should last me quite a while. Ease of Use A big annoyance with the HP 4500 is that I can't set the default to anything other than "Everyday Printing." For example, I have to go into each print job to select "Draft" print because the software refuses to let me apply "Draft" as the dafault. In addition, the Power Save feature sounds like a good idea, but sometimes the unit goes into standby and decides to stay that way. I have to unplug the printer and then re-plug it in order to wake it up. Beyond annoying. Durability I got rid of this printer after a month of frustration, so I don't know how durable it is. For the length of time I used it, it seemed to be well-constructed and I didn't have any concerns about the quality of the physical parts. Design I do like that you can either feed the original through the feeder or put it directly on the glass. The fax feature has worked well for both incoming and outgoing faxes. As I said before, the print quality is excellent and copies look great. The scanner feature can be a little frustrating (because of the glitchy software) but ultimately the quality is good in the final result

Chicagoland, IL


i love mine


i got mine about the middle of march. its a little noisy yes. i use a lot of ink becuse i print lots of coupons and i have a teen daughter getting ready for colledge and prints out many things. i cant ask for any better printing, clear very presice colors, i scan pics and my tax reciept as well. my two side printing for me took a minute to understand but the book helped me quiet well. i have not printed any pictures out yett as i normally dont print many any way.i would recommend this for the average couponer or colledge student it does print out great!

Middletown, OH


Great for home use!


Needed a printer quick because the other brand had gone on the blink. Something with easy set up and inexpensive. What I like most is I didn't have to get another phone number to send faxes! Printing quality is fantastic! Even when it says "low on ink" I've been able to go another 40 sheets or so. When I called customer service they were great at getting me answers. All help and troubleshooting is on the disk for installation. I recommend this product if you have big or large projects.

Newport News, VA


HP OfficeJet 4500


I was excited to get my new printer to go with my new HP Computer; however, I've had problems installing it due to having Windows 7 installed on my new computer.  I got an error message saying "PC does NOT recognize printer"  Told me to try another USB port or USB cord, tried both and still wouldn't install.  Went to Windows 7 and updated new drivers which I shouldn't have had to do, still won't install, and my new printer is still NOT installed correctly!  I've always used HP computers and printers and have never had this problem before.  I will be calling HP today and hopefully will be able to install my printer correctly.  I have high praise for HP computers and printers, and feel I must be doing something wrong!  It's probably ME, and NOT HP!!!

Fort Worth, TX


I love my HP Officejet all in one


Recently I purhased the HP Officejet 4500, All In One. I must say that I was skepitcal at first, since it was so low priced. It was **extremely easy to install and set up **using the CD instructions. From the minute I opened the box I felt that I made a good decision. Now that I have been using it for three weeks, I can tell you that it was a true bargin! The fax quality,  both  in sending and receiving, has surpassed anything that I imaged. The speed dial feature is very easy to use. The only draw back that I have noticed is that It is a little slow, in scannign the faxes or a document to be faxed.  The doucment  management  feature gives you a nice easy tool to work with when scanning documents to email or saving them directly on your computer. Even the ink is priced good and it is a very simple task to change the ink Cartridges, Over all I would say this the best and most inexpensive All in One I have ever own.

Selbyville, DE


Love the HP 4500!


I received this Hewlett Packard 4500 all in one printer from my husband for Christmas.  I was very excited to receive it because I really wanted a new printer that has a scanner on it, but also because he had tricked me into thinking that he had gotten me a vacuum for Christmas, that I wasn't too excited for.  I love this printer, it  not only prints, but also copies and scans too.  It was very easy to install, and I was using it in no time.  I did not know that you needed to disable your virus protection first, but once we figured that out, it was really quite simple.  It prints pictures and documents very fast, and it has a great quality print.  No more running down to the library when I need to make one copy of something!  I also like that it is wireless, I have a laptop, so it is very convient to leave the printer on the desk while I am on my laptop in the living room, and it prints without a problem.  I was very happy with the choice my husband made, he is not very tech savvy, but he did a great job.  I would recommend this printer to anyone shopping for a new printer, it is the best printer I have ever owned! I love it!

Merrimack, NH


Great printer for the home or home office


HP's all in one 4500 printer is a fantastic choice for my home.  It is quiet, fast and has excellent print, copy and scan quality.  It also is still using the same ink that came with the printer, and that has saved me money on buying more ink as I had to do with my other printer by a different company.  It also has a fax capability which I haven't used yet, but I'm confident it will be as good as the rest of the printer options.  This model also has a remote printing capability which I don't think I will need, but is a fantastic option for those who need to print when away from the printer.  One of the best things about this printer is that I only paid 69.99 for the unit and purchased a two year warranty for 19.99 - unbelievable deal for all that this product does.  All in all it's a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone.

Shavertown, PA


HP Officejet 4500 All-In-One Printer

4.0 20