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HP Notebook PC

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A lightweight and visualy powerful laptop


This laptop is a nice light laptop, Very sleek design. This laptop is powerful it has a ATI radeon 3200 HD that has a 2 GB video memory with an HDMI output so you can hook your laptop up to an HD tv and watch hd content. the only downside to the laptop is the cpu options aren't great so dont be expecting to play call of duty or anything faancy. but you can play casual games, The laptop is great for video and photo editng also for on the go writing and also using facebook and myspace and youtube

Wheatland, CA


HP laptops - be sure you get a warranty.


I have had two HP laptops. The price is good.  You get a lot for what you pay for.  The first one I got was a bundle package.  So I got a printer, computer and camera for one price. The second laptop I got was just the laptop but was still a great price for the size of computer and what all it had on it.   I like them most of the time but both of mine seem to have issues.  I had to send my first one out for repair 4 times due to motherboard/hard drive issues.  Now the second one I have is have some problems when I close it down. It gives error messages that it did not close down properly.   I will be sending it in for repairs as well. Maybe I am asking too much but, I wish I could find a computer that will work consistantly.  I will say this the warranty customer service is very nice.  So if you do buy a HP laptop and you do have to get repairs, know that they are pretty  kind when you call in!

Denton, TX


Awesome laptop is very fast and is great for web browsing!!!!


It's Good For Students, Web Browsing, Home This is a great product, travel, Gifts, Business, Family use also.This laptop is amazing! I used it my freshman year of college and it was truly a great buy! Awesome! I would definately recommend this product not only because of what a great name HP has but also the reliablity of it. The laptop is very fast and is great for web browsing;however, some people would like it to be a little lighter. Great design and its really a good value for your money. Its also very easy to use. Also has good properties  Thin and Light, Good Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Mobile Technology Wi-Fi Certified. I heard about this product from a friend that told me she was at work and some naked wires caused some sparks in her Apartment her refregerator, TV, MIcrowave all got blown up But her Hewlett Packard dm3-1040us (VM207UA) PC laptop was still intact!!!

Oaklyn, NJ


HP Notebook PC

4.0 3