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HP Notebook PC

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G70 is a good affordable desktop replacement.


This is not a computer for the traveler.  It isn't incredibly heavy, but over a long flight, or long walks in the airport, it will start to feel heavier than a brick.   All the same, the screen is nice and large for a laptop, the battery life is around 2 hours on power saver, and the keyboard is nice and large and also has a 10 key pad which is great if you have to enter a variety of numbers.   It is a good computer and has enough usb ports, 3, and even has an HDMI and lan, wifi, etc.  The version I own doesn't have bluetooth or wireless N, but those rarely create any issues.  I'd like it if there were a few more buttons so I am not having to constantly use the mousepad, e.g., to turn the volume up or down.  It does have a turn on/off the wifi button, but I have maybe used that once while I have owned it, and that was mostly to annoy my wife.   While I may not use it, it does have a built-in web-cam.   I would absolutely suggest this laptop to a friend.

Mechanicsburg, PA


I love my HP G70-258. It's a good quality buy.


The HP-g70 is a good quality purchase. The 17 inch screen allows for a good view of webpages and spreadsheets. It has a baatery life of about 2 hours which is good for a large laptop. It has good quality graphics and will run Windows Vista or Windows 7. It's money well spent.

Lima, OH


HP Notebook PC

5.0 2