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HP Notebook PC

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This is a great HP for its size


*I have two other Hewett Packard's computers a desktop and another laptop I find that HP is an excellent product.* *I truly love the size of this computer it is light weight and easy for traveling, which is why I bought it.* *The only problem I have with the computer is the keyboard at night it is very hard to see if you don't have a light on, this problem is only because the computer is bronze in color my black HP does not do this because the white on the keys shows up even with out a light on.* *The speed of this computer is excellent especially when you are playing games, also the graphics are excellent when gaming.* *Opening more than one page at a time is also a plus. Downloading is quite fast compared to other computers I have had. Burning movies was done in a flash which surprises me I am used to it taking a long time to do, the same thing gos for downloading music, and if you want it to it will put in different files for you.* *In my opinion this is one of the best laptops that I bought.*


Bay Shore, NY


hp has pffered great customer service for an average computer.


We thought this computer would be a fantastic bargain. Have to say that hp has been great on the customer service end of a computer who's software didn't install correctly, had sticky keys that had to be sent in, and needed a new battery due to overheating in the first year. Sometimes the touch pad goes out and we have to restart the computer taking the battery pack out to reset it.  You get what you pay for.


Rixeyville, VA


HP Notebook PC

3.0 2