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HP Mini 1010 Netbook PC

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I spend evenings and weekends with my HP Mini.


Haave been a Mac user at home for years and have a nice MacBook. I found that so many things I wanted to do online didn't fit with the Mac software profile. The little Mini does everything I want to do online. I can download all types of games that I couldn't on my Mac. The Mini is so light weight that I sllipped it into my carry on bag on my Christmas trip rather than having to bring its own bag. It was fun having Mini as travel companion that fit nicely on the fold out tray. Made me feel smug at all those other full size laptop users. No problem with the wi-fi. On my recent trip I was easily able to access free wifi at the airport on the way and also at the hotel. Even though I have very large hands the keyboard and the mouse don't feel cramps and are easy to use. Other mni notebooks that I checked out before I decided on the Mini had little teeny tiny touch pad that would have been impossible for anyone other than Tinkerbell to use. Glad I got the 6 cell battery. Batery life is really great and pretty much lasts all day. Other laptops last maybe two hours without a charge. I like that I can go for long amounts of time without having to charge up. One criticism. Some of the systems installed by HP to supposededly keep the system healthy keep popping open and won't go away. This is annoying when I am trying to do other things.

Seattle, WA


HP Mini 1010 is a nice product.


The HP Mini 1010 netbook has been reliable. **Pros: **The memory is just enough for everyday computing, can multi-task very well, and the overall appearance is very nice. It is sleek and stylish but, it can be kept under the radar. The keys are raised nicely so it is easier to find the keys if it is late night and you are a touch typer. As long as you take care, this laptop could last you a while.   **Cons: **The battery is not the best I have seen from previous laptops but, it isn't expected out of a laptop like this. You can easily get some scratches and smudges on the outside of the laptop and crumbs can easily get on the keys so, have an air can near. If you are looking for intense gaming, this laptop is not for you.

Edenton, NC


The HP mini1010NR notebook is just a smaller version of a laptop


The HP mini 1010NR notebook comes preinstalled with multimedia software. The HP mini's desktop features include the HP Connection Manager, Bluetooth Status, Network Status, Wireless Network Status, Volume Control, Power Meter, and Synaptics Pointing Devices. It's front external features also include the Webcam, Internal Microphone, Built-in Speakers, Battery Light, Drive Light, Power Switch/Light, and the Wireless Switch/Light. It's left external features include the RJ-45 Network Jack, Power Connector, USB Port, Expansion Port, and an Audio-out Headphone Jack/Audio-in Microphone Jack. It's right exernal features consists of an SD Card Reader, USB Port, Security Lanyard Connector, and the HP mini Mobile Drive Bay. It's operating voltage is 19 Vdc(1.58A - 30W). It's operating current is 1.58A. The HP mini 1010NR comes with a 1 year limited warranty period and technical support. All-in-all, it has the capabilities of any regular computer without the CD/DVD-ROM drives installed. It is very light-weight and portable, for on the go people like myself. I would recommend this device to everyone that I know.

San Francisco, CA


HP Mini 1010 Netbook PC

4.3 3