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HP Media Center desktop computer

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Not good quality.


This computer is not good quality as once I bought it, after using it for approximately 6 months the power button broke and there was no way to fix it and in the end I had to modify the power so that i could turn it on outside. Also, after using it for around two years, the mother board started to act up and there was a problem turning it on so that I had to leave the computer running on a full fan for around an hour before it would boot up. Everything else was fine except the motherboard and the craftsmanship of the details as everything broke. Overall I would not recommend this as it is not a dependable computer and it does not last long. Even with replacing some of the parts the parts will not work and it will not fix the problem. After a few years they will not carry the motherboard for that computer and it will force you to purchase a new one. I have never had a computer that went bad on me like that.

Pinole, CA


Good at first, but slows down after a few months of use.


This computer is good for those who like using media such as photos and videos. It was on of the first PC's with windows xp media center edition. I bought the computer in 2004, so it is outdated, but still works fine. At first, the computer went really fast, but as I kept using the computer for several months, the computer starrted slowing down. The computer would be slow at starting up and loading, and it would take around five minutes for the computer to be ready to use. Like I mentioned, the computer is good for those who like looking at photos and videos. The coolest part about the PC is that it has a TV feature, where you can hook up your coaxial cable or set top box and watch TV right from your computer. You do not need to download any software to do this, it comes with the computer itself! Not only can you watch TV, you can pause it, rewind it, and record it. So no need to get that DVR when you have the HP WIndows Media Center PC.

Germantown, MD


Great for extra storage


I love this PC. I've had it for 2 years now, and very few problems at all. The personal media drive is why I got it in the first place, and I love it. Once it's full, just pop it out and put in a new one. Easy as pie. It is a bit slow, due to the 1 gig 400mhz memory, but I'm upgrading that to 2 gigs 667 mhz next week. Next I'll get one more gig, if it's needed. It can handle up to 4 gigs, but that's not needed with this chipset. I put in my sons old video card when he got a new one, and it made it much nicer with the 28 inch monitor I got from Dell. This computer can be upgraded to a real sweet lil machine. But what comes stock with it wouldn't make it with all the new technology coming out. It has a lightscribe burner, but I've never used the scribe feature, since I like labels better, but it's a good feature if you don't mind extra cash for the DVD's it needs. I find that people want computers to work with everything right out of the box, but that's really unreasonable these days. The best computers are upgradable, and this one is.

Atco, NJ


HP Media Center desktop computer

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