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HP Media Center PC m7060n desktop computer

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The HP Media Center Home edition ,7060n, is a great computer.


The HP Media Center PC m7060n desktop computer is a great computer for anyone who likes to play games online, do workshops, crafting, pretty much anyrhing they want to do. Stores a lot of memory and has a lot of space to do just about anything. I have had this PC for 5 years and it has yet to let me down. It is still running strong and smooth. I have never had any problems with it as for breaking down and having to get it repaired. If i ever get another desktop, it would be another HP as for it is a great desktop pc. This pc is outstanding! Also, the graphics on this pc are outstanding as well. Very smooth and real life like. It is very fast and reliable. This has been a versatile and powerful pc! With the media center, it has really brought another dimension to what I have come to appreciate in a pc. Powerful hardware, Tivo functionality. Watch and record TV programs - pause, rewind and fast forward liveTV, browse the free electronic program guide (EPG) and schedule schedule your PC to record episodes or entire series.Enjoy listening to your iTunes library with the touch of the remote control. HP Tunes pops up as an option on the Media Center menu. iPOD/HP Camera dock holder are integrated into the chassis making it convenient and easy to recharge and download your music or photos.

Columbia, TN


HP Media Center PC m7060n desktop computer

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