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HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer

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laserthat works


I have owned several printers throughout my computer experience. This was the first laser printer. I decided to get a laser priter because I was tired of always havig to buy ink. The problem I ran into was ink always runni ng out. I also had printers that would print faded text that was un readable. I also had ones that would consitently paper jam. I foud out one of my problems was that if ink sets to long it dries out and would have problems printing. So i looked online for laser printers that would mean whenever I neede3d to print i would know i wouldn't have problems. I found this printer online for what I that was a good deal at the time. SInce then i have seen laser printers online for less money. Beware this printer only prints in black and white no color. This is fine for text but when you want to print graphs or if you need to have screenshots this isn't a good for that. I suggest you pay the extra money for a color printer I wish i did. However, what is great about this printer is that you can print wirelessly. This mean I can share this printer on my network and any machine can print to it wihtout having it connected to a computer. You do need the inital computer connected by usb to set it up though. Since it is wireless this is great because you can put the printer anywhere you get a wireless connection. It doesn't have to be near the computer. So it is great for people that might not have space on their computer desk. You do however have to have a power outlet where ever you put the printer or have an extension cord.  This printer doesn't have any probloems with jams or not feeding in paper like my other ink jets do. It doesn't have anything fancy like scanning or faxing that mul.ti function printers have though. I haven't printed enough to have to buy a new toner so I don't know how expansive that is. For now I am so happy i got a laser printer.  

Schertz, TX


HP LaserJet Pro P1102w fast and quiet


This was my first purchase of a home laser printer and I am very pleased. The wireless installation for my Windows Vista desktop took 10-15 minutes of breeze, which included moving the router six inches so it could interact with the printer without interference. I read many, many reviews on multiple sites as part of my pre-purchase research and found they were all the assurance and assistance I would need for set up, especially in light of the cartoon-ish instructions that come in the box. This printer fit right into a small spot under my desk. Pages come out the top and I can reach right under and grab them.The product is compact, lightweight (approx. 10 lbs), quiet and prints beautifully. It's rated for 35 pages per minute and it seems to do just that. The only drawback is that it tends to curl lower quality paper. I can live with that! Great printer compared to my old one that printes at a slower rate and lower quality rate.

Brooklyn, NY


Great printer at a great price HP Laser printer


 My printer died  and I knew I wanted to replace it with a laser printer.  I tend to like hewlitt packer computers and printers , so I I did some research and found the  HP Laser  P1102w. It was resonabley priced and we found that it was on sale that week at a local chain.  But  luckily I I had a 25% off coupon if I ordered online. So We purchased it online and had it delivered and got a great deal.   I am so glad that we choose this printer. You can't beat it even for the regular price. Set up was super easy. I was worried I wouldn't figure it out , but I did.  I did need my nephew to hook it up to the seond computer but it wasn't hard.  And I love that you don't need a disk. You just hook it up to the internet and it finds the info it needs to work on your computer.  It prints beautifully.  It is quick and not noisey. I love  how clear the prints are. I can never imagine going back to an ink jet printer. Buy it you won't be sorry

Boca Raton, FL


HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer

4.7 3