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HP LaserJet Printer

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Very Good Laser Printer


I bought this HP laser jet 1100 printer when I first attended college. It is still going strong and I love it. It is long-lasting and reliable. I still haven't bought a replacement laser cartridge for it yet. That is one of the best thing about it. Unlike injet printers, you have to replace its cartridge from time to time. As for laser printers, its laser cartridge could last a long periold of time. I also learned that you could also give laser cartridges a shake when you thought it runs out of ink. It will last for another while after the shake. This printer prints really fast. The print quality is excellent too. However, it's kind of big and bulky. I had a hard time finding a place to keep it. Also, it does not use a usb cable to connect to your computer. It used one of those big and thick old-school printer cable. If your computer doesn't have one of those old printer ports, then you are out of luck because you can't use it. I rarely get paper jams with this printer. That is one of the big plus. Overall, I think this is a nice and reliable printer. Oh one more thing, this printer prints black and white only.

New York, NY


Quirky, but ok printer


Overall, I would give this printer 2.5 stars if I could - it's slightly below average, and you could easily find a better printer for the same money, I imagine.  First, some background.  I currently use this printer in my office - I probably print 30 pages a day on it - all black and white.  Here are the pros and cons: Pros: - Once printing has started (see cons), printing is fairly quick - Model is of average size - Paper is fairly easy to refill - holds about 40 sheets at a time - Paper that's been printed on comes out the front of the machine and is easy to access - Printer toner catridge is easy to replace Cons: - Strangely, the printer sometimes prints random letters/numbers instead of the correct content.  It's impossible to predict when this is going to happen, and it probably happens once a week on average for me. - Printer can take a minute to start printing - Printer is a bit loud While there are more pros than cons, I think you could get a better printer for the money.

Charlotte, NC


The HP LaserJet 1100 is VERY easy to use!


This will prine 8 ppm (Pages Per Minute), it has True Laser Outpu (600 dpi{dots pe inch}), it will work with BOTH Windows AND DOS (Disk Operating System), you can upgrade it up to 18Mb RAM, and you can Network it via HP JetDirect



HP LaserJet Printer

3.3 3