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HP LaserJet CP1518 Card Printer

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Cheap All-in-one Printer


I got this printer as part of a bundle with my notebook. For the price I got it I think is a good printer. The only problem I have is it makes a lot of paper jam, no matter the quality of the paper. It's also a liitle noisy. But it scan, and print documents and photos (memory slots are included, and the menu helps you with the settings). If you need a printer to do a lot of work, then spent a little more in other printer.


Carolina, PR


Awesome Printer


**The Hewlitt Packer Photosmart C4200 Printer is the best all into printer I have ever owned. The printing quality is neat and clear. The scanning capabilities a magnificent they have digital photograph quality. I truly enjoy scanning pictures for family memebers. The copier aspect of this product is good, copies are just like the original. Positioning of the original document was initial confusing but after that cpoing was easy. The small flip up screen that displays the option menu is easy to read as well as to navigate. There are only two downsides to this printer. The ink refill catridges are expensive, when a person has to buy the black and tri-color ink cartridges. If HP finds a way to lower ink cartridge prices they could corner the market with this product. Lastly, over time the USB wire that connects the HP Photosmart C4200 Printer to my laptop has become loose. Sometimes I have to hold the USB wire at the back portion of the printer to get my documents to print out. **


Hebron, MD


Great printer, minor issues


Overall this is a great all-in-one printer. It gets the job done, and isn't hard to use. The biggest issue is whenever there is a paper jam (which has only happened twice in the two years or so that I have owned it) you have to reallign the printer. This entails printing out an allignment page, which takes ink, and thenscanning and copying it, which takes more ink. Aside from this, it has great quality and is overall very user friendly.


San Diego, CA


Prints good pictures but...


This printer sucks ink more than any printer I've ever owned. I initially purchased the C4200 model because the ink is readily available and is reasonably priced, or so it seemed. The cartridges for this are reasonable and readily available, but they don't last nearly as long as I feel that they should. I thought at first that it was just an issue with the color cartridges because I had printed so many pictures, but the next set of cartridges didn't last nearly as long as they should have either and I only printed documents. I found that the cartridges print about half of the amount that the information from HP claims that they will. I thought maybe it was that the print head needed to be cleaned, but it didn't improve the number of prints I could get from a cartridge. My mother in law bought this same printer shortly after I did, before I became so frustrated with the ink issue, and she has the same experience with hers. The cartridges just don't last as long as they should. I still keep this printer plugged up, and I use it for the occasional picture, but this printer has really not met my expectations.


Richburg, SC


Could have gotten a better HP printer


I messed up with the purchase of this HP printer. It works fairly well with printing black and white documents. Photocopy feature is ok as well. Otherwise I'm not happy with it. For the price I paid I could have gotten a better printer that would be quieter, and probably quicker. The scanning process is very slow and you must rename the document or you may lose it due to the fact that it is stored in a temporary scans folder under a simular name as other previous scans. The ink cartidges do last a fairly long time, but some of the colored cartridges that I have bought seemed not to be of good enough quality. This printer does not do a good job on photographs either. Even when the hp special photo paper is used. So I would not recommend this printer to anyone that wants to do more than black and white documents.


Cartersville, GA


works as good as you'd expect it to work


I like my printer, it works well. It does get jammed up sometimes if the paper isn't in the slot just right. I really love that I can copy and print pictures with out having to turn on my computer. The scanning feature is nice too, when I need to email instead of fax a document.


Gilmer, TX


Great Product, Quality and Price!! All from HP!


I just bought this printer for my son who is just starting out in computers. He's in his twenties and has been kicking and fighting against computers since childhood. Well he now has an HP laptop and This printer to go with it. Hp is a great company has has good products all around. This printer not only scans, copies and prints but is great quality and extremely easy ot use. Set-up was a breeze and even my son said "Hey,even I can do this". I would recommend this to any one. Great quality for a great price!


Dingmans Ferry, PA


Very undependable


I like the quality of the prints except for one thing. When it prints SOME things...(email, for one)...the print comes out really tiny. I know others with HP printers who have the same problem. Another problem was with feeding the paper. Often the rollers wouldn't catch the paper and would then continually say there is 'no paper', even when there is. Eventually, it will feed, after many tries. If it actually took the paper, it often grabbed too many sheets at once, causing a jam, or tthe second sheet will start about halfway after the first, making the print be half on one page and half on the other...not good when you are trying to print a coupon or an airline boarding pass. However, the BIGGEST problem, is that it is intermittant. Sometimes it will print...other times it won't...BUT it ACTS like it did...causing me to miss out on numerous coupon deals where you can only print ONE...and it looks to them like I already printed one, but I didn't.


Shavertown, PA


great printer


this hp c4640 photosmart all-in-one printer is the best printer i've ever owned! it can scan, copy, and print black and white or color. the quality of the photos we print blew my mind! my mother is always bugging me to print her pictures now she says they are better then the ones she would get done at walmart and i agree! it is also alot less expensive to print them at home. this printer has never jammed or malfuntioned in any way and i've ownwed it for almost a year and a half now. it has a touch screen on it that lets you scroll through your memory card so you can print without your computer if you want to. the only thing is that you have to calibrate the printer every time you replace the ink cartridges but maybe this is standard. it also might be why it works so well and hasn't ever printed off center or anything like that. it is easy to replace the ink cartridges and the printer tells you when the ink levels are low.


Grand Rapids, MN


HP Photosmart C4650 all in one great pictures, scans and copies.


     When I was looking to purchase my first printer I couldn't decide on which to buy. They  were  complicated and bulky or priced too high. Then I came across the HP Photosmart C4650 all in one printer.  This is a great device which does photo copies, prints and scans all for one low price. The picture quality is super and the copies are bold and stand out. It has  a  touch screen which is simple to use and also reads cards, so you can print photos from your camera.  I've had it for several months now and I have no complaints I would suggest that you shop around as some places may be a bit over priced. The ink is also a little high priced but worth it as the pictures are perfect quality. 


Bronx, NY


HP LaserJet CP1518 Card Printer

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