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HP LaserJet All-In-One Printer

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I've had our HP LaserJet 3055 a little over 2 years. I am very very happy with this machine. I have a home business-- so this baby works hard- printing postage, making copies ( saves me tons of time no having to go to a store to make copies!) and sending faxes. It is only black & white ( which is fine with me). The Toner cartridges are easy to find online or in neighborhood stores. The manual was easy to understand- the set up a snap. I can't say enough good things about this machine. The Paper tray is easy fill-- key pad has nice features with speed dial, stored frequestly dialed fax numbers. When xeroxing I can make my copies lighter or darker-- I can also collate-- and reduce or enlarge the item I am making copies of-- really what's not to love with this machine!

New York, NY


The Laserjet 3055 is a totally dependable workhorse!


The Laserjet 3055 is a very dependable workhorse of a printer! I have printed thousands of pages with min, and have never experienced any problems. It is easy to understand and use, as well as having several additional features for enhancing my overall productivity. The toner is very easy to change, the paper capacity is more than adquate for any reasonable needs and the document feeder is very handy for those scanning and or copying projects that everyone seems to have. I have owned HP Printers in the past, and this one like my prior Laserjets is just an outstanding machine. I would highly recommend HP Laserjets to anyone looking for an affordable All In One Printing solution for their home office, etc. The last Laserjet I had gave me many years of faithful service, and I finalyy just upgraded it when I bought a new PC, it is still functioning perfectly, as I have simply "passed it down" to my son. Overall, I think HP makes the best, and most reliable Laser Printers on the market...

Chandler, AZ


HP LaserJet All-In-One Printer

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