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HP LaserJet 2840 Printer

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Good quality - but at what cost?


When looking for an all-in-one printer, I have always been happy with HP.  The quality of print that this printer gives is great. The scanning is good as well. However, as someone who is very limited on time to get things done, I must confess that I am very disappointed in HP this time. You do get great quality prints - but at the cost of your time. I cannot just make a quick copy of anything. With the technology that is around today, it's disappointing how slowly this machine works

Kennesaw, GA


An absolute WORKHORSE


I have been buying HP inkjet printers since the latter third of the 90's and have found them all to be absolute workhorses.  They were used for my small business out of the home and personal use.  I forget the model but the inkjet which preceeded my 2355 must have done over 200,000 pages in color and/por b/w before I bought the 2355 I have now which continues to impress.  Like the HP's inkjet's the 2840 LaserJet is built to last.  Bought to take care of a couple employees printing needs and to make anywhere from 50-20,000 copies/letters and handle the prionting or mailmerges. I have never had a probem with this HP Printer either (wish I coudl say the same about my HP laptops - which last but need some repair from time to time).  I never had to put a dime into my 2840 after 4 years and 500,000+ impressions. It just keeps going and going.  My only complaints would be the price of HP ink, only 10,000 impressions (if you're lucky, that's what they advertise) per drum, and like all HP equipment, it runs hot.  For speed, reliability and quality, there's nothing that comes close in this pricerange.  When you leverage your ROI on an HP printer - know that you'll be doing it over a 10 year period if not longer and you don't just get what you paid for, but far more.  If only they would come down on ink price.  highly reccomend the HP 2840

Webster, MA


Great LaserJet Printer, buy it locally


While I wouldn't exactly call myself a newbie to technology, I will say that if it is a computer, or if it is attached to one, I ask my son what to buy. I do a some research on my own just to educate myself a little, then do a little research after he makes his recommendation and end up getting what he told me to. He has been a great adviser! I needed all of the standard office functions like printer, fax, scanner. I needed professional quality Laser-Jet printing, the cost per copy needed to be low, and I wanted a flat bed scanner. I had previously been cautioned that an "all-in one" regardless of manufacturer, had the unique distinction of performing no functions well. I was willing to buy these things as separate devices, but in the end this multifunction device seemed to be the economical answer, both in price and space. I have been very happy. The print quality is great. The color copier works beautifully. The fax is high resolution because the scanner is, and it rarely has feed problems in any of its functions. My cost per print is a good bit higher than posted. That's because I use heavier coverage graphics than were quoted, but the quotes were specific and this was not a surprise. The cartridges and drum are expensive when it is time to replace them. They last a long time, but if your colors are balanced they all need replacing around the same time it can be expensive. The drum is supposed to last around two and a half to four times as long as the cartriges, it you do a lot of high definition color it will be the lower number at best.  If it all cycles though at the same time, four cartridges and a drum are well over half of the cost of the printer. Usage information is available, so the expense is not a surprise if you are checking, but it is a hit that you need to be prepared for. The printer is also heavy, not easily portable I ordered mine directly from HP. HP customer service was good. I had a problem with delivery though. The printer is too large for shippers like UPS or FedEx, so an alternate shipper was used. The company had a strange set up where they marked the delivery and being completed merely because they had made an attempt to deliver.I was out with a client when the attempt was made and they did not leave the printer. HP was telling me the delivery had been made because that was their information from the shipper, but it had not! After a few phone calls to the shipper I did finally reach some one who told me they had my printer and it was delivered a few days later.The shipper told me that they had no way to record an attempted delivery, so they reported it as completed. I never understood the logic behind their system. Additionally, the print cartridges boxes were crushed and the cartridges damaged. I had noted the damage to the box on the shippers delivery confirmation. HP replaced them without hassle and new cartridges arrived quickly. I highly recommend the printer, and through ordering direct, I was able to get a discount on extra cartridges, but the shipping experience was a bit bizarre. I recommend getting it locally rather than having it shipped.    

Marietta, GA


HP LaserJet 2840 Printer

4.3 3