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HP LP3065 LCD Monitor

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Apple Cinema Display for half the cost


The HP LP3065 is a 30", professional grade monitor that runs at 2560 x 1600 native resolution (1600p). Requires a Dual Link DVI cable and lots of video card power to get the most performance out of it. Beautiful IPS screen (same glass as the older non-LED Apple Cinema display) gives true color and very sharp pictures. I do light graphic/photo editing, lots of surfing and moderat gaming and this monitor has exceeded my expectations in every way. No dead pixels after 2 years of constant use, no backlight bleed. I stare at this screen for 10 hours a day and get no eye fatigue or headaches (which I did with a Samsung TOC 26" that I had before - can't go back to TN panels). I did have some issues in Vista with color calibration - all the reds were far too vibrant. But as soon as I upgraded to Windows 7, the calibration was spot on. The display also works great with my Macbook Pro. The OSD is pretty much non-existent, but who really needs that anymore?


Seal Beach, CA


HP LP3065 LCD Monitor

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