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HP LCD Monitor

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Great until the image became distorted.


When I first got this monitor, the image was crisp and vivid. My games looked amazing on it. Unfortunately, this didn't last as just a year later from normal use, the image became distorted with what I can only describe as horizontal shadows of the images on the monitor. I checked my desktop by hooking it up to another monitor and tested out the same VGA cable I was using and found that they were working just fine. The monitor itself was pretty much giving out after only a year of use. My previous monitor lasted 5 years before I decided to upgrade. Now I have to buy a replacement way sooner than I anticipated. I would look elsewhere for a good monitor.



HP w2338h is an excellent monitor!


My husband and I have had a 22" flat screen monitor for the past three years from a different company that is now out of business.  We used it for the computer, to play video games on, and to watch tv on the internet.  It has sadly died and we were looking for another monitor when we saw this one by HP.  We liked that it was a 23" monitor, just a little bit bigger than our last one.  We got a REALLY great deal on the one we bought three years ago, so this one was definitely more expensive, but you can really tell that the quality is there.  It's very sleek looking and the color and definition is just great.  We've watched a lot of movies on it in the three weeks that we've had it, and my husband really liked playing his PS3 on it.  My husband REALLY likes that it has an HDMI input on it so he can hook it up to his Playstation, which he was unable to do with our last monitor.  I would definitely recommend this product, it looks great and it's incredibly crisp.

Jackson, WY


Consider Another!


After spending a lot more money than I normally would on a computer screen, I find myself with an estimated 14+ vertical lines in my viewing area. HP has a website that leads users though troubleshooting steps that can resolve this issue. After trying all their troubleshooting, I find the solutions did not work. Calling up technical support resulted in going through and running these steps again. After the technician concluded that the monitor needed to be replace, their solution was to replace the monitor with another one that was the same model. I probed the technician asking what the difference is between the faulty one I have now and the one they will send me. His reply was that the replacement monitor has been tested thoroughly and will not have the same problems. If the replacement monitor has been better tested then how did I end up with one with the lines in it? To make matters worse, they want me to provide a credit card in the case that when they ship me a new monitor, if I do not replace the faulty one, they will charge it. I understand the reasoning behind this but with this practice of theirs, how can expect to keep people around with faulty equipment?

Rathdrum, ID


HP W2338h computer monitor, amazing,wide,crisp picture


The Hewlett Packard W2338h computer monitor is subperb. This monitor is 23 inches long which means you are able to see a lot in front of you,you can have many applications going on and know right where they are. This is also a very slim monitor so it doesn't take too much space on your desk. You can do many thing's just from the monitor like sound,source,auto,change the balance ect. This monitor was a little pricey at the time that I got it but it's so worth it. I think with proper care this monitor can last you for many years to come and because it is such a nice size you won't have the need to upgrade it so quickly.Overall I would give it an A+

Milford, DE


The HP w2238h monitor provides plenty of space for multitasking.


The HP w2338h LCD monitor is a 23-inch liquid crystal display. It has many controls for things such as screen brightness, screen contrast, image control, color, quick view (movie, photo, gmaing, text, custom), Languages, Management, Video input control, Information (has a Backlight-hour timer which tells how long the monitor has been run), and Factory Reset. The monitor can display its menus in 9 languages. Under the Management menu, there are settings for many things like: Volume, on-screen-display control, power saver, mode display, power on status display, DDC/CI support, Bezel power LED, and sleep timer. The power light can be turned off. The monitor has inputs for VGA, High Definition Multimedia Interface, and audio input. The volume can be controlled directly from a button on the monitor's front panel. The front panel has 4 buttons. They are: Menu, +(Volume), -(Source), and Select(Auto).

Picayune, MS


HP LCD Monitor

3.6 5