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The HP Lasetjet1006 is a great printer for home office use


I have found that the HP Laserjet P1006 to be a great computer for home office use.  It do nbot give me any paper jams.  This printer uses a 35A HP Lasetjet Print cartridge Number CB435A.  This cartridge usually last for three months with normal use.  The print quality is quite good very clear and do not smudge. I recommend this printer is you are a persons who uses the computer daily and have to print a lot of documents such as memorandums and spread sheets.

Cape Canaveral, FL


Work great so far!


This is my first laserjet and also the third printer from HP.  It's working great so far, no jam and the cardridge toner has lasted for several hundred pages now.  Been using HP for a while and satisfied with their quality. Printing is pretty fast though it takes a few minutes to warm up.  HP customer service is great too.  When I first bought it, the toner died quickly after the first week, I called in and they sent out the new toner right away, no question asked.  Another time my deskjet that had been used for 3 years stopped working, they also replaced it with a brand new deskjet for free, even though the warranty worn off long before.  One minor issue I have with this printer is that it doesn't have a "stop" button where I can press to stop the printing right away.  Instead I have to use the power button, then it takes long time to reconnect.  Other than that i'm completely satisfied with this printer.

Antelope, CA


great printer


Hands down, HP laser printers are the best printers out there on the market. This one is no exception. Although it is a smaller version of some of the full sized laser printers by HP, it still delivers in performance. Print quality is the same as some of the more top of the line HP laser printers. The toner may need to be replaced sooner since it's a smaller unit. And as far as speed is concerned, it's not as fast as the big units, but it certainly beats any ink jet, even the fastest inkjet. No waiting for ink to dry or for putting papers on top of each other. It communicates very quickly with my computer, which is a great feature, so you're not waiting around for your document to be printed. It handles envelopes and other sized paper pretty well too. A draw back is that you have to treat it nicely, you can't be rough with it in opening trays etc because you might scratch the barrel or break something inside rather easily. As I said, it's not as tough as its larger counterparts. For the price, this is a good laser printer.

Houston, TX


HP LaserJet P1006 works great for your home office


We bought this printer because we are constantly printing items and were sick of constantly running out to get ink.  It prints quickly, isn't too loud and the ink lasts quite a while.  It was a good value for the money and we haven't had any problems in the year or so we have had it.

Avondale, AZ



4.8 4