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HP ENVY 17-1010 Notebook PC

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This is my third HP laptop and I love it!


I am not in love with Windows 8, but I love HP's built in features. Ease of Use I do wish I had gotten a smaller size model of Envy, as this is a bit large. Battery Life It lasts longer than expected. Support & Service HP has always been better than the other brands in my opinion. Speed/Performance The Envy is named appropriately. Design It is a beautiful piece of technology. Durability We haven't traveled with it in the backpack we purchased, but I do wish HP included travel bags with their products.



HP ENVY is a great laptop


My husband and I purchased this laptop recently and it has worked great, there is a couple of things that could have been of better quality though. The fan does not work properly therefore making the laptop overheat frequently making the laptop lock up alot, also the battery does not charge well, the cord keeps messing up on the charger. The laptop itself looks very stylish and when it is not overheated works great. The laptop runs very fast and downloads items at great speed. I would reccommend that if you purchase this laptop that you buy a separate laptop fan system, and that you be careful when moving the cords when you are using it. Alll in all I guess this type of hewlett packard laptop is a great deal. I would reccommend it to anyone looking for a great name brand laptop. I guess it really all depends on what exactly that you are looking for in a laptop or what programs are most important to you.

Gaffney, SC


The quality of this laptop.


The quality of this laptop is so amazing. The laptop is a little pricey but, well werth it. The alumium finish looks great from most other brands in laptop . It loads very fast and you can be up to a mile from a wireless router and get perfect signal. Not all laptops can do that if any other brands. I cool because you can be anywhere and pick up signal . Even on the go. One of my favorite things about it is the design on the top and when you close the top it automaticly logs off. The mouse moves with your hands when I move the mouse  moves much easier than most does. It's nice to havea laptop that can do so many things you want it to do. And if your reading this I hope if you don't have a laptop someday you get one.

North Apollo, PA


HP ENVY 17-1010 Notebook PC

4.7 3