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HP Deskjet Printer

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The Hp Deskjet printer has been very reliable...


The Hp deskjet printer came as part of the package when I bought the computer and has been very reliable. I feel like it has been working very well with very little maintenence, but have have a hard time refilling the cartridges and in general only print in black and white. The machine is obviously obselete now making it even more difficult to find the appropriate materials to extend its useful life. I anticipate that I will replace it with something similar from this maker however because it has provided such reliable print quality under relatively high volume content. The printer does reproduce in color quite well when I have called upon it to do so and have actually done some "photo-style" printing, though you must you different paper. The general performance as compared to other printers is not exceptional, but is consistent and reliable. It makes a little more noise than might be prefered and seems to be finished when it is not actually done yet, but overall is satisfactory.

Saint Louis, MO


HP Deskjet Printer

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