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HP Deskjet InkJet Printer

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the HP Deskjet D2530 Is a good printer


I got this printer free from blue hippo. Its a good printer. you can use one black-tri cartridge on ink or two cartridges  one of black and one of tri-color. this seems a good feature for both those that do alot of printing and those that do little printing or on a tight budget.  You can also use hp vivera inks for printing pictures. It also has a feature called Smart Web Printing.  to make print from the web easier and not cut off edges.

Lincoln, NE


HP Deskjet D2530 Printer Great Starter Price Expensive Up Keep


HP Deskjet D2530 Printer we got as a gift and it has been good considering the price (free for us cheap for the gift giver).  However, it seems that HP makes up for the low cost of the printer by charging a lot for its ink.  This printer does not seem to be very economical on ink usage.  If you set your printer settings to fast/economical draft it slightly helps but ink still runs out fast.  I would recommend buying the XL size ink cartridges, which seem to do more (but still not as many pages as HP claims they do) The other problem we have with it is the software that comes with it seems to take a lot of space and be somewhat annoying.  It will auto run at start up on default and be constantly checking for updates.  It seems we get a lot of popup windows about it.  Often the printer lights start flickering.  If this is the case it wont seem to print anything from the print queue.  Usually if you just unplug it and plug it back in it will resolve this problem.  It is an easy fix but very annoying, especially when you expected it to print and realize later nothing happened.  If the rear of the printer is easy to access where you have it placed on your computer desk then it should be that big of deal. Like I said, its cheap printer, it does pretty good quality considering (not photo quality necessarily) but ink does add up!

Hotchkiss, CO


HP Deskjet D2530 is an excellent low end printer for multi-tasks


The HP Deskjet D2530 is a great all around printer that can get most everyday jobs done with ease.  It is very easy to add to any new computer and set-up is a breeze.  The ink cartridges are easy to find at your local office supply store and very easy to install.  One great feature is the ability  of the printer to print the last page first when printing stuff from online.  It also is pretty compact compared to many previous printers i have owned.  It hardly takes up any space on my computer desk which leaves me plenty of workspace to complete whatever project i may be working on at the time.  I was skeptical of such a small printer without many of the bells and whistles of my previous printer (scanning features for pictures and documents) but I honestly haven't missed that stuff at all.  Also there is plenty of room for enough paper to be added for small printing jobs. I would recommend this printer to anyone looking for a reasonably priced printer that is reliable.

Greenville, SC


HP Deskjet InkJet Printer

3.0 3