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HP Deskjet InkJet Photo Printer

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the best printer money can buy!


This HP 9800 Deskjet printer SERIOUSLY got me through college.  I went to school for interior design and our program was very graphic heavy, in other words, I was constanly making graphic presentations and printing out projects.  This printer works very well with both my Mac and my PC.  I love that I can print oversized prints and that the color always turns out GREAT! The best part about the printer has to be that it will print to the edge.  When I was getting ready to graduate, I designed my own resume (complete with graphics of course) and I was able to print full sized, all the way to the edge.  It was great and very unique! Now I'm starting a side business of graphic design and this printer is going strong and ready to take on this task with me. The HP 9800 Deskject printer is definately the best money can by.  I've owned many different printers and this has to be my favorite so far.  I bought it four years ago and haven't had to replace it.

Wichita, KS


HP Deskjet 9800 is just what I needed for presentation to client


As an Electro-Mechanical design engineer that works from a home office, I find myself creating 'C' and 'D' size drawings nearly exclusively, but those sized drawings are quite difficult to use as a 'presentation' to a client and also require a Plotter to create (and require a HUGE financial outlay to acquire!) This HP 9800 Large Format printer allows me to create a very readable 'B' size print/plot (11"x17") for presentation purposes to my clients without the cost or bulk of creating the larger sized prints/plots, while still remaining understandable and readable without magnification. The HP 9800 is quick, quiet and easy to set up and operate.  While I did have a little trouble initally setting it up to create borderless prints from Autocad software, HP support came thru with assistance on modifying my setup to solve the problem. I have always had very good operation and productivity from each HP printer I have owned (4 of them) and this machine is no exception. I am told that this particular machine is no longer being manufactured and has been replaced by an "HP 7000 Officejet Wide Format" printer, but since this machine has always done the job for me, I see no reason to replace it anytime soon.

Duvall, WA


HP Deskjet 9800 Inkjet Photo Printer


This is one of the best printers I have owned. I use it for both business purposes and for personal. The color is very good, and it's also very sharp. It's limitation is from any software that you use with it, since it will print exactly what you see on your monitor. The other thing that I enjoyed is that I can make prints as large as 13" X 17". Not many printers get that large.

Cedar Park, TX


HP Deskjet InkJet Photo Printer

5.0 3