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HP Deskjet F4200 Printer

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Decent printer for the money, but has it's flaws.


Good overall, but not the best. I wish HP's ink would cost less. Performance Prints very fast when it gets around to printing, but getting ready to print the 1st page can take awhile. It will randomly just start readjusting or whatever it's doing, delaying the printing by as much as a minute. Too much time. Copy Quality Excellent quality once you get it to print. Ink/Paper Use HP printers seem to use more ink than other manufacturers, and the ink seems to be more expensive. Ease of Use Pretty easy to set up, drivers can be finicky. Durability Seems to be fairly solid, as far as printers go. Design So-so......

Birmingham, AL


HP Deskjet F4200 series All-in-One Printer is an ASSET.


The HP Deskjet F4200 Series all-in-one is an asset to have for your basic computer printing, copying and scanning needs. It is lightweight and easy to use. I use it alongside my laptop and there are not alot of confusing messy cords to fuss with when connecting from computer to printer. The plug-ins are color-coded with graphic art symbols making it simple to know "what" goes "where". The copier and printer specification allows for color or black and white output. No need to worry about the quality output because it is there. I have used different grades of paper for various printing needs and the quality of the printing output was not affected at all. The scanner is a cinch to use also. Just follow the simple instructions and you will wonder why you stayed away from learning how to use a scanner for so long. Since I am budget, practical and value conscious, after purchasing an All-in-One HP Deskjet F4200 series, truly this was an ALL-IN-ONE for me.

Knoxville, TN


The Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet F4200 Printer is great!


I am glad we have a  Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet F4200 Printer! I really like how easy it is to change the quality and amount of ink used on each print. I often select the general everyday setting as well as set it to grayscale/black ink only when printing and it uses much less ink than on a normal or quality setting. The machine prints quickly and seldom has any issues. We were able to connect it to both our desktop and our laptop fairly easily. The machine is easy on the eyes, with the buttons located on top without an overwhelming amount of them. The paper tray snaps into the machine when not in use and can be pulled out of the machine and extended to hold pages after they print. I would recommend this printer for basic tasks like scanning, copying, printing, etc small amounts of items. It's been great for our family's everyday needs and I recommmend it to anyone looking for something simple.

San Antonio, TX


HP Deskjet F4200 Printer

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