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HP DV9230 Notebook PC

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Best laptop I've had yet


love the HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC.  It allows me to keep all my documents stored with no problem of space.  It's relatively fast with a DSL roadrunner hookup.  I can do everything I need to do and take it with me.  I can watch movies, do my work, listen to music, watch TV online, play games, download my photos and edit them, do my graphic artwork, send my email, and go online to learn and have fun.  All of this and more and it is with me all of the time because it is lightweight, and portable.  I have used Dell and Toshiba, but the HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC is the best I have found to date.  It is reasonably priced for the speed and space as well.  Another great feature is QuickPlay which allows me to watch my movies and listen to my music with the touch of a button, a brilliant design feature.  The HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC also comes with Media Center which includes a remote control for easy access, and when you're ready to burn a CD or DVD it includes lightscribe so you can label with class.  You can't beat the HP Pavillion Entertainment Notebook PC for storage space, features and speed in such a small package.    

Jacksonville, NC


who needs apple


HP is making great desktop replacements.  Full form factor has been great. love the big screens.  Im one of the few that like the upgrade from Vista.  Things will keep getting better with generational upgrade. Love the added features like the lightscribe and the card reader etc. 

Lake Villa, IL


HP DV9230 Notebook PC

4.0 2