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HP Compaq Presario CQ60

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You Get What You Pay For


This thing can barely keep up with me. But it was cheap and that's what I was looking for mainly, something within budget. I use it for the internet most of all and it does the job but when it comes to playing video games it leaves a lot to be desired. It's durable, I've had it for a long time and my husband is pretty hard on it but it keeps on ticking. All the keys and the mouse still work. I like that it has a camera and came with Windows 7. I was happy with the battery life, for me it seemed to last longer than I expected. I used it for programming a lot too, with Javascript and web design with HTML and it did very well. I think it's excellent for just internet use, but not for gaming, just things like email and blogging and downloading music and movies. Next time though, I will spend the extra cash and get something I can play games on. Ease of Use This pc was very easy to figure out, especially if you've had prior computer experience. Very intuitive and easy layout. Battery Life I rarely had a problem with the battery going dead before I was able to charge it again or had problems with it in general. Support & Service I never had to use support and service, it's always been good to me. Speed/Performance I wish it could've been faster and had a better graphics card. I would have liked to had better gaming experience with it. Design I like the sleek design. Durability Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.




Great Buy


I love my HP compact Presario CQ60 laptop, it has all kinds of cool features built into it such as, a web cam, light scribe, and the screen quality of this laptop is amazing. I also like that there are little tabs on the bottom of this laptop.to keep it from over-heating. Ease of Use My computer turns on right away and immediately starts doing updates. It hardly ever crashes and if it does it is because I have too much going on at one time. The mouse pad is pretty easy to use as well, you can even scroll up and down on it. Battery Life The battery life on this laptop is not bad but it's not good either, I usually just plug it up, if I plan to watch a movie, or work on the computer for a while. But I do love that it doesn't take long to charge it up. Support & Service The HP support is always very helpful, they have helped me fix my computer several times. They are always very prompt and right on the target. Speed/Performance I never have trouble with getting it to go, it switches between browsers and other websites, pretty fast. Design I love that this laptop is fairly thin, it makes it easier to carry it around. Durability It has to be pretty durable, to last after as many times as I have bumped into things with it. My kids even dropped bubbles solution on the keys before and it survived.




I love this laptop


It has everything that a laptop user would need like widows 7 and it already has the basic Microsoft programs such as movie maker, office word. This laptop is also very easy to use you don't have to spend hours looking for the things you need it's all right there on the start menu, nice and neatly. The speakers aren't that loud on the laptop but I wouldn't expect to much from the sound on a laptop anyway. I don't really have to many complaints for this laptop I believe I have had it for at least 4-5 years now, the only complaint is the the screws that was connecting the screen to my laptop has come apart so I probably have to get a new laptop soon but I don't know if it's because of the way the laptop was made or a issue on my part. But before you buy this laptop you might want to know that it is big and keep of heavy so I would not carry it around to much. Battery Life The battery will die in about 2-3 hrs so you should probably keep it plugged in or just switch to power save but I haven't really noticed the difference.




HP Compaq Presario CQ60

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