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HP (BK228AA#ABA) 1 TB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

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The HP Personal Drive is great for extra storage.


I have a Hewlett Packard Pavillion Media Center that includes an expansion bay made just for adding a personal media drive. This media drive will also work with Compaq PCs that have a bilt in drive bay. I chose the 1 TB due to it's large memory size. I use it for storing all of my music and music videos. It works just perfect with my computer. You just slide it right into the expansion bay so you don't need any other power source or addtional USB cables. I have never had a bit of trouble from the time I got it. I never had to format it before use or anything. It does come with an AC adapter and power cord if you want to use it stand alone. I use that when I want to tranfer my music to another device. Like everything HP, it comes software for data backup and archiving. The Windows requirements are ME, XP home or professional, or Vista. Your computer system should recognize it the minute you plug it in. It couldn't be easier to use.  

Monroe, IA


HP 1 TB - All The Storage Most People Will Ever Need


A TB is 1000 GB or 1 Trillion Bytes (A Byte is simply a little piece of information).  HP's 1 TB External Hard drive will back up all the videos, Movies, Photos, etc.  the average person will ever need.  It will also protect your systems memory and Windows program in case of a crash.  Most people store their whole lives on a computer these days.  Make sure your life is protected in case of a system failure in your computer.  HP makes it a simple process to restore all the information you have stored on your External Hard Drive.  It also comes in handy when you buy another computer--You can easily transfer all the programs and information you had stored to the new computer. 

Fowlerville, MI


HP (BK228AA#ABA) 1 TB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

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