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PSC 1310
HP All-In-One Printer

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HP 1310 Printer was a workhorse!


I bought the HP 1310 All in One Printer about 5 years ago. I purchased the printer the first year we started homeschooling. I have scanned. I have printed. I have copied. For 5 years. This printer is still going like the energizer bunny. My husband surprised me with a Wireless HP All in One this year for Black Friday. It took me two days to open the box because I just didn't want to let my workhorse go. This printer does it all. It copies in black and it will make color copies all with a touch of the button. You do not have to have your computer on to copy something. The computer scans really well. It was small of enough to toss into my car and take a trip to scan my grandmother's pictures before she passed. The quality of these scanned pictures are fantastic. The printer came with installation software and some extra software that I never use. I have Microsoft Digital Image software so I never had the need to use it. My only gripe would be how much Ink cost. It was truly out of control. I set my printer to use the least amount of ink possible, so I didn't use as much as a lot of people do. If you want a true workhorse that will last you years, go with a HP! 


Kearney, MO


HP printers-great for college students.


My mother and I bought this printer together a little over 5 years ago mainly for college work which it still gets used for.  It also prints good quality pictures; this is good because it is necessary for circumstances which I will not mention.  When I need the printer for my college papers, it prints them out great.


Houlton, ME


The HP printer is convenient and useful.


The HP Printer 1310 series is just very convenient. My experience is very satisfactory. I use it everyday. The quality is good and the scanner is fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone. Since students to business people.


Spring Glen, NY


Mostly fool proof, but very home-spun


For home use, this is almost perfect. The HP 1310 prints and copies black and white and in color, and it scans! Copies can be run off with one-button on the printer itself -- no need to start up any software. The printing quality is quite high, in fact, probably higher than you need on a daily basis, and unless you adjust settings to draft, you'll be going through inks pretty quickly. My only gripe is with the scanning part of the equasion. The printer comes with a software cd, which is very thoughtful, but the enclosed hp image editor is slow, clunky, and not particularly straightforward. It is hard to tell from the previews what your scans will look like (90% of the time they're fine, but you still worry) and it tends to save the scans into a folder on your computer buried so deep you'll never find it. I admit, I haven't tried to find a sleeker application to work with this machine, so the original package must be decent enough not to try my patience too much.


Lincoln, NE


It had potential.


The hp 1310 all-in-one serves its purpose, but in a home setting. Although I couldn't expect the all-in-one to process a lot of documents and jobs, it still works great. When I first purchased this item, I was thinking I was going to have a tough time setting it up. But it was fairly easy and process didn't take long at all. I had the device up and running in about 45 minutes. What drew me to this device was that it was an all-in-one. It literally took up less space than having three separate devices when one can do it all. The device is not heavy either so it is easy to move it around wherever I wished. Since I am a student, I used it mostly to print out essays and make scans of my notes. It was pretty fast at it too and I was not disappointed with the quality of the scans as well. The only thing that I would have to complain about this device is when it quit on me near the end. It stopped recognizing my computer all of a sudden and I tried to re-install the installation cd that it came with, but it still failed. Another negative thing is probably the cost of ink that I usually buy for it because that stuff does not come cheap. Overall, it worked great when it did, but it looks like it can get errors easily or something.


Loma Linda, CA


The HP1310 is convenient & efficient for home printing & copying


The Hp 1310 works great.  It is easy to setup and easy to use.  It prints decent documents and does a great job making copies as well as scanning photos.  Scanning does take a few extra steps to get only the item you want but it still isn't bad.  It also comes with editing tools to help you with your scanning editing.  It's front feeding tray also comes in handy allowing you to put your printing on a shelf without needing a large overhead area for the paper feed.  This is one of the features and designs of the HP that I like the best.   My desk has a hutch and most of the top feeding printers do not allow it to fit nicely underneath like the HP does.  It also has separate ink cartridges so you only have to replace the colors that you use instead of replacing a 1/2 used cartridge that runs out of a specific color. The one issue that I have with this printer is that everytime you change an ink cartridge, you have to do a  print alignment.  Often it will ask you over and over again to align it even though you already have.  If you turn the computer off and then back on, it will print an alignment page and a notice will pop up on your screen and tell you it needs to be aligned.  You can cancel the operation but even though you click on cancel, it will still pop up again and again.  This is quite irritating and can also waste alot of ink with the printer automatically printing out an alignment sheet all the time. It is reasonably priced and worth the money though.


San Jacinto, CA


HP All-In-One Printer

4.0 6