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HP 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame

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Nice and Affordable Photo Frame


This photo frame is just like any other at first glance. It's a digital picture frame which shows you pictures from your camera or you can connect it to your computer and put pictures into it. But when you start to use this frame, you can tell that it is much more. You can also use it to transfer music to and even video files will play on this frame. This frame's simple to use interface and high resolution screen make the other frames I've seen look like just a regular picture frame, you know the kind with glass and that only show one picture. This frame is an excellent table top frame or you can even mount it to the wall. The frame will support any memory card format I can think of. And connecting it to your computer makes it really easy to use, you can just drag files straight into the frames internal memory, no complicated software to install or drivers to figure out. This frame even has something I haven't seen before; a calendar mode which will show you the date and time while it goes through a slideshow. Even the border of this frame has an extra touch to it. It has a design on it so that the frame can stand out, just as it does when compared to any other brand on the Market.


Fremont, CA


Love my HP Digital Picture Frame!


I got one of these last year for Christmas.  I like the size, it's big enough to see the pictures even across the room.  I liked it so well that I got one just like it for my office desk at work.  Everyone who comes in the office admires it and many say it is better than others they have seen.  It's easy to load pictures on it.  I plug it into my computer and just drag photos on it.  You can also use either a flash drive or a camera memory stick.  Even with full resolution photos, it holds over 200.  I like that you can set it up as a slide show, but determine yourself how long each photo will stay on before going to the next.  It can be just a second or two up to showing just one different photo each day.  The only con is that there are a few angles where the image seems slightly distorted.  But it is still better than any other I've seen.  I only wish HP made about a 15 or 20 inch digital frame.


Mount Vernon, MO


Great quality, beware of the remote though.


I received this as an early Xmas present, and on first impressions I have to say that I was impressed. At 8", this photo frame is just big enough for any pictures that you have to display. Some details before I give my review:- 8" diagonally of frame space (whenever you read anything that says it's X inches big, it's always a diagonal measure)- Reads pictures from various memory formats like SD/SDHC, MMC, MS, MS-Pro, xD, as well as CompactFlash. The first five formats are readable in the built-in 5-in-1 reader and there is a separate opening for the CompactFlash card.- Comes in a nice glossy black finish- Has a brightness feature in its setup where you can choose the varying degrees of brightness. Great for a dim room. I find that it displays the pictures pretty well, even if it is of camera phone quality at 1.5MPs as it doesn't blow it up or out of proportion where it looks like a blurry blob. The CF slot is a really great feature IMHO, as I know that nowadays the market is cornered by SD cards, so people with older technology such as CF can still plug their card in without the hassle of transferring their photos to an SD card. - You can also display videos as well (I haven't really tried that feature as I have it near a computer, where music is often listened to, but if this feature is something you must have, then this is another point towards this frame). The remote is a nifty little thing. It fits well in the palm of your hand, however if you have huge hands, your mileage may vary as this may be too small for you. The buttons are well dimpled, however sometimes when you press the buttons, you may have to press them a couple of times for it to register. That is my only gripe, that sometimes you don't know if the frame read the signal from the remote, only to find that it either a) didn't read it, or b) read it multiple times.   All in all, I think this is a solid frame that's going to last for as long as I have a need to display photos without wasting space.


Queens, NY


HP 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame

4.0 3