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HP 6715 Notebook PC

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my computer is the best!


hp laptap i like the little keys i like that it can travel with you i don't like that if you plug it in every two seconds the battery lasts less and less i don't like that the cord doesn't last for the life time of the computer i don't like but have learned to live with the fact that you have to wait for the windows side bar to load onto the screen before you can do anything with the computer i like that it is faster than other computers we've had in the past

Carson City, NV


Lightweight portable Hp Compaq, great for travelling


This machine is lightweight and easy to travel with.  Nice size screen without bulk.  Power cord adds versatility, though I have had trouble with them burning out on me....can't handle being left on continually.  Use the dock if you plan to leave it running for extended periods of time.

Ellwood City, PA


HP 6715 Notebook PC

4.0 2