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HP 2009M 20 inch LCD Monitor

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Great Monitor for a Decent Price


I purchased this monitor for my husband as a Christmas present and it was just perfect for doing computer graphics on! His old monitor was one of those big, boxy things from 10 years ago, and it only had a 15 inch monitor, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. When looking for a new one, I wanted a flatscreen for him that would be big enough for him to see what he was working on (the old, curved screen he was used to chopped everything off on the sides). He uses a Mac, and you just needed one of those adapters to connect it to the Mac. It was super simple to connect, and even though they say you might have some depreciation in the vividness of color, we didn't notice it if there was any. The monitor has a glossy black piano finish and takes up minimal space on the desk. It adjusts for height easily, and is easily cleaned with a lint free cloth. I would definitely recommend this product to someone looking for an affordable monitor!

Allentown, PA


Very nice


This is a very nice and very clear monitor. I've never been a fan of HP computers but this monitor turned out to be a winner. I have trouble seeing and this helped. Having a larger monitor is much easier and it really is a nice looking monitor.

Hanover Park, IL


HP 2009m


This monitor is great for its price.  It supports a variety of resolutions with a native 1600x900 720p.  The monitor looks great and is very stylish.  Supports VGA and DVI inputs, however no HDMI. This monitor also has built in speakers that are pretty decent for built in, although you'll want separate speakers eventually. The design of its power "button" makes it unresponsive sometimes if you do not use it correctly, as it's a square on the bottom right corner that is not pushed up, but backwards, which is somewhat unintuitive.  This is not a very big deal, as the monitor automatically goes into sleep mode when the computer is off, negating any real need to ever shut it off.  The stand is great and allows for a useful range of motion in the monitor angle to adjust based on any computer setup.  All in all, this is a great 20" monitor, as long as you aren't looking for 1080p, and comes at a great price.

Rochester, NY


My HP 20 inch LCD Monitor is bright and beautiful!


This monitor was a little more money than the size smaller, but definitely worth every penny.  It gives me plenty of room to look at multiple pages.  It is \bright, and the color is perfect.  My wife loves it because she is a photographer, and needs a clear, bright image.  I love how clear the picture is when I'm playing games.  Overall, it meets and exceeds all of our expectations. 

Philomath, OR


This monitor is high quality and I love it!


The HP 2009 m widescreen monitor was one of the best purchases I have made. This monitor is one of the best I have ever used! I am usually a skeptic when it comes to monitors, thinking they are only useful once in awhile.  This monitor changed my mind though! I don't even use external speakers because the speakers that are on the monitor are so wonderful. The speakers are clear and have little crackling. It was easy to set up and the price was very affordable, especially compared to the other 20 inch widescreen monitors on the market. Like most flatscreen monitors it is easy to position on a narrow ledge, The extra bonus for me was the adjustments I was able to make to the monitor without having to break out a screwdriver.  Everyone in my family is a different height and the easy to make adjustments made this a must buy for me!  Now I don't have to fight the monitor to readjust it when I sit down to play my games or check my email. In conclusion, this monitor will be with me long after I have to replace my PC.

Medicine Bow, WY


HP 2009M 20 inch LCD Monitor

4.8 5