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HP 19-Inch LCD Monitor

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Great but you can get better.


I got this monitor about two years ago. It has been good most of the time, but its given me some problems at times. First of all, sometimes you can't get it to wake up. It will go to sleep and there is no way I know of to access any menus from there. It also doesn't work with Mac even though my iMac recognized it. It will even work with the Playstation 3 with the right adapters but not Mac. The monitor just goes to sleep when I try to get it to work. The colors look fairly good, but the pixel density is good but not great. it worked great as a second monitor for my Toshiba laptop. The build quality doesn't feel the best, but it was cheap. It is also a small screen size to today's standards. It is a 19 inch screen while most screens now are about 21-23 inches. Its great for simple web browsing, but you may want a better resolution for things like video editing. I would suggest this for a low price monitor.


Conyers, GA


HP w1907 is great to watch movies on as well as web calling!


The HP w1907 screen with the HP Pavailion Tower is a great combo!  We have had this system for over 3 years now and it is still running smooth.  It has started to slow down a little with time though.  But over all for what I use it for, which is both my businesses books and personal use, it has done the job well.  It has a really sleek look to it which is nice because the screen actually looks more like a regular flat screen tv rather than a computer monitor.  The picture quality when watching movies is unbelievable.  It is clearer than our high definition big screen Television.  Compared the email system has been great on this.  I have 3 different email addresses all running to my outlook account with out any trouble.  When i d have trouble it is usually because of a server problem an not the computer.  All in all I would recommend this computer and monitor to others.  It gets the job done for day to day busines and personal life needs. 


Cape Coral, FL


I love my Hewlett Packard, I will never buy any other brand!


I am completely and totally in love with Hewlett Packard products. It is a brand that is known to last. Not only does Hewlett Packard have fantastic performance, it looks like a super sleek and high end piece of art. When I was shopping aroung for my desktop, I knew already that I wanted a Hewlett Packard, but I kept an open mind and checked out the other brands and options available to me. Nothing seemed to compare to Hewlett Packards Prices, looks, and Performance! I never need to look around again. My whole family and friends use my HP w1907 and it serves us well. The support alone that the Hewlett Packard company provides is impressive enough to me. Thier products are easily available in stores and online. I was so happy with this brand that I make sure that everyone I know goes for Hewlett Packard when making a purchace of any computer or printer. There is really no other like it, in it's class.


Saint Louis, MO


Works...until it doesn't


I bought this in May 2008 along with my HP computer.  It was beautiful, graphics were great, etc.  Had a few problems getting it to understand that I was using Vista, but with all the Vista issues, chalked it up to a Vista problem, not an HP problem. Then a few days ago (July 2007) it started going to sleep on its own.  I hooked up the computer to another monitor...nothing happened.  So not the hard drive.  (Thank God!)  Then hooked up the monitor to my computer using different cables.  Not the cables.  Then hooked up the monitor to another computer.  Starts going to sleep again and now..flickering. I did some research and a quick Google search indicated this was a WIDESPREAD problem. Some said it was Vista related, but more than one person did not use Vista and admitted they had to replace the monitor.  I thought it had a good run (almost two years) but hubby says it should have lasted much longer.  I didn't pay much for it, so I still feel as if I got my money's worth and don't mind having to replace a beats having to get a new hard drive.  smile **Also, side note..It has no internal speakers so you will need your own.


Fort Huachuca, AZ


The HP W1907 is a good monitor...


Not GREAT, but good. I paid a few extra bucks to upgrade to the HP W1907 when I bought my Compaq computer in a package. I thought that the glossy LCD screen was much more attractive and bright than the 17 inch one that came standard with the package that I bought. It is very bright, looks good on my desk, and overall is a good monitor. Now let me vent about its "issues". It tends to not respond to my computer. At least a couple of times a week I have to use the hibernation key on my keyboard to put my whole computer into hybernation mode in an attempt to "wake up" my monitor. There's no rhyme or reason to it either. Works like a charm sometimes, others it flashes that the monitor is going to sleep as soon as I start it up. I went online and did some troubleshooting on it and found that lots of people seem to have similar issues. I have to say that, while annoying when it happens, I don't have issues often enough that it's a huge deal. And since my keyboard has the hibernation key I don't have to manually shutdown and restart my computer like a lot of people seem to have to do when it happens. For that reason I still really like the monitor. It also has built in speakers. Granted they aren't the most powerful or magnificent in the world, but they're decent and keep me from having to have stand alone speakers taking up space on my desk. I haven't been able to find any information on this, but I wonder if the issues might be related to the Windows Vista operating system. My MIL has this same monitor connected to her computer that runs XP Pro and has never had an issue. Maybe she got a good one, but it seems likely to me that it's a compatibility issue. Overall I would recommend this to a friend. It really is a nice monitor.


Richburg, SC


Great Moniter!


My husband bought the HP W1907 19-Inch LCD Monitor about 3 years ago. It has worked great for us. It's nice to have the larger screen and it displays pictures and colors really well. The only complaint that I have about it (and it's not really a complaint, just trying to think of something I don't like about it) is that when I turn on the computer the screen goes dark for a few seconds to readjust. Its not a big deal though, like I said only a few seconds. It's nice that it doesn't take up a lot of room on the computer desk. We are using a desk that was not meant for a computer so it's nice that it is not very bulky and can set things around it. I have never had to adjust the picture on the screen so I can't say how difficult that would be, there are 4 buttons at the lower right of the moniter that say Menu, -, +, & Select. I would recommend this moniter to anyone, it has done it's job well for us.


Shelley, ID




This screen has served its purpose well. I really like the size-it is large enough to sit back and read websites from a little distance. There hasn't been a website yet that hasn't 'fit' in the screen. With our previous screen, we had to scroll left and right to read! It has a sleep mechanism that kicks on (we have ours set to 5 minutes) which makes it go completely black. With a flick of the mouse, it turns on in seconds. The buttons are all self-explanatory. Our webcam fits nicely right on the top of the screen. The screen is sturdy-my kids have pushed the buttons with no major errots. Once or twice my kids have pushed buttons on the keyboard and the screen went blank. After turning it off for a few minutes, it was functioning properly again-I just wish I knew how to undo it with the keyboard. We haven't had to contact the company with any issues, so I would say this is a great computer item to have.


Tucson, AZ


HPw1907 is FABULOUS!


The HPw1907 is something everyone should own!  Not only is the price reasonable, but the quality is out ouf this world.  Begin your morning with the HPW1907 and the rest of your day will be wonderful!  Begin a rewarding life with the HPw1907.


Omaha, NE


Hewlett Packard hp w1907 has been good to me!


 To quote, Becknhank, "Lots of people have reported that it shuts off, goes black, or permanently to sleep!" I bought my Hewlett Packard hp w1907 just about 3 years ago. I am very concerned about the reviews I am reading on Viewpoint about this monitor. I am probably jinxing my monitor for saying all good stuff about it even though I am not superstitious! Hey! I own a black cat! The Monitor has never shut off on me or gone black, or permanently to sleep. I am on my computer just about all day, every day. I do cut the monitor off at night instead of using screen savers. The screen settings are a lot simpler to set than my last one. Taking in consideration, I had one of the old, old, bulky, take up the whole desk monitors! I really love having all the room in front of the monitor to put office items! I have loved the big screen and vibrant colors from the first day I brought it home. Game playing is so much better! 


Waco, TX


wished i had purchased a different monitor


I was at first pleased with the monitor -- vibrant colors, good contrast, perfect size for my needs -- however, this monitor has suddenly started to fail approx 2 days after the warranty expiration date (i.e. 11 mos.) -- flickering upon start-up and when streaming videos (video card is in tact); black boarders encroaching on the full screen mode -- yet, all settings are set correctly.  I am very disappointed and will not purchase another HP product. 


Tacoma, WA


HP 19-Inch LCD Monitor

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