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HP W1858
HP 18.5" LCD Pavilion Monitor

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i love monter


Specifications are good and design of stylish I hope experience this screen because possessing will be a great with the design and editing



the quality and performance of the HPw1858 seem to be above aver


The feature i like most about the HPw1858 is that it will fit most anywhere. The modem will stand up or lay flat. The monitor i have is 19" and the screen is perfect size, large enough to use large font or see an entire page when online as well as being large enough to show DVD movies.This DVD viewing is a feature i enjoy. This desktop model was purchased from WalMart with Vista Home Premium installed. A negative with this setup is there is no manual to consult, i must go online or scroll thru options hoping to come upon what i need. Another negative is no photo/card making program came with it. I can work with my photos such as fix or email or put in albums or upload etc. however what is available in Microsoft Works does not let me make my own cards using my own photos. I do like many of the other options provided by Microsoft Works that came installed. It has free trials of Norton Antivirus and Microsoft Office. Other features include the USB ports,SDcard slot, headphones. I can connect to the internet both wireless and dialup. It has enough features for me to view email however many emails do not load and i do not know if this problem is because of dial up access or because some settings are not correct for what i want. Overall i would recommend this product as evidenced by the 4 star rating.

Lawrenceburg, TN


HP 18.5" LCD Pavilion Monitor

4.5 2