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Holiday Chest Freezer #LCM070LC

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Broke after only 2 yrs


I got my old chest freezer replaced with this one about 2 yrs, ago through a low income government program. Was very happy with it up until today. The light was on and I had just been in it a couple days ago to take out some frozen milk. Today I opened it and found everything inside had thawed and lost all my food. I will call HEAP to see if it is covered on a warranty but I bet they didn't get a extended one for it. It should have lasted many more yrs. Seems like everything is made so much cheaper these days.




It worked great for 18 months


Wish I would have gotten the extended warranty since the regular warranty it comes with is only good for 12 months


Anchorage, AK


great freezer, not bad at all.


we had an upright that looks like a small fridge for years till one day we notice it just never shut off so it went to the road. we got this one for an x mas gift from my step son and its great. its a lot quieter. ease of access isn't as nice as an upright, but still no problem finding what you need because it's not one huge block of ice. i was surprised there was no manual, but all in all i like this one better. another bonus to the lay down model is it doubles as counter space when we don't need to go in and out. the only con is there is only one basket 2 or 3 would finish it nicely. also a lock on the hood,. little ones are far to curious. Ease of Cleaning never cleaned it i guess that great?




a good deal, but noisy


This chest freezer is at a good price point compared to other name brand freezers on the market.  It does the job and is ready for use several hours after plugging it in.  It comes with the standard basket and drain spout.  It is a bit on the noisy side, but a little extra noise is worth the savings you get when purchasing this product.


Alabaster, AL


Holiday Chest Freezer #LCM070LC

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