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High Point Insurance

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Money Hungry Cheats


I cannot believe what I've gone through with these crooks. I went with their insurance because it was the cheapest around and then they fudged up, big time. I signed up for a one time payment online. They got it, and then next month, they debited it again. So I called them and they said they took the automatic payment off, but it happened again the following month. I called them and cancelled my plan. Then, two months later, they debited a ridiculous amount of money from my account. When I called them, they stated "we sent you a letter saying if we didnt recieve payment for this month, we would do this. We didnt hear from you, so we did it." Well guess what? When I asked them what address they used, it wasnt mine! I never got this so called letter! Now I owe the money plus the insufficient funds charge on my account!!!!!

Maple Shade, NJ


in steady hands


We have been a very satisfied family for over 10 years with the insurance we have through Highpont.We have both our cars and home insured through Highpoint.We really saved a bundle by taking advantage of the steep discount if you have coverage for both your car and your home.In the expensive state of New Jersey we are paying $1600 a year for two late-modeled cars and our homeowners coverage is also a great deal.We are never hassled by the company,never bothered,never called which I like.When someone hit our parked car 2 years ago we got great service from the company.We were treated with friendliness and efficiency.The entire process was smooth and we got a fair recompense for our wonderful Buick Century which had 160,000 miles on it.In all our years with Highpoint we have been treated fairly and with great  effiiciency.That is exactly what we want in an insurance company.I would  highly recommend Highpoint to everyone and anyone.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


High Point Insurance

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